Only 3 in 10 Shoppers Can Correctly Spell All of These Brand Names! Can You?

By Khadija Leon on June 07, 2018

About This Quiz

Let's face it, not all of us are great at spelling, and once we left school, not only we happy to not have to do so much reading, many of us packed away our dictionaries, never to be opened or seen again. While this quiz will test your spelling knowledge, it's not on random items, it is on the brands that we see every day, not only on ourselves and in our wardrobes, but those we see flashing on our television, computers and those we see while walking down the street.

Some of these brands come from many different parts of the world and as such can be in a different language, making it not only hard to pronounce but also difficult to spell. With that being said, they are also some of the most advertised goods on the planet, which in many cases levels the playing field. 

How well do you know how to spell some of the world's favorite brands? Well only 3 in every 10 people can, will you be one of them? The only way to find out if you should be paying more attention to the things that you spend your hard-earned coin on, is to take this quiz!

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