Can You Recognize All of These Cursive Letters?

By Chelsea on August 06, 2018

About This Quiz

Are you a cursive expert? No, we're not talking about the band; we're referring to the way of writing that is also called longhand or script. If you think you know cursive, then this is the quiz for you. Test your knowledge to find out how many of these cursive letters you can identify.

Unless you have actually studied cursive - and we don't just mean how to write in cursive, but also the tradition of cursive writing - you may not know exactly what cursive writing is. Cursive writing exists in many languages, not just English. Cursive writing merely refers to writing that is joined. And, even in terms of cursive, there are varying forms. For instance, cursive writing during which the pen does not leave the paper for the entire word is called "formal" cursive. Cursive writing during which the pen may leave the paper during a word is called "casual" cursive. We bet you did not know that! But, sadly, given that some school districts soon may be removing the teaching of cursive from their educational requirements, it may all be called "formal" soon enough.

So, while you still have the skills, take this cursive quiz.


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