Only 1 in 32 People Can Ace This Rifle Quiz. Can You?

By Robin Tyler on May 24, 2018

About This Quiz

History tells us that the first rifles were invented in the late 1400's. These firearms were muzzle loaders and not particularly accurate. As time advanced and tradesmen understood how to make a rifle more effective, this weapon became a crucial part of the family of firearms.

You would agree that its bulkiness doesn't allow for it to be carried and concealed the way a smaller gun could but it comes into its own in the great outdoors. And over the years, this has often been the weapon of choice for those people who spend much of their time outside.

Looking at American history, for example, early frontiersman carried a range of rifle models. Think of cowboys in the old West and their repeater rifles. These were not only seen in the cinema. They were often a weapon of choice along with their trusty six-shooters. But perhaps the greatest impact these weapons have made are on the battlefield. 

Here, as technology has progressed, the ordinary rifle has been turned into a weapon with great killing power, particularly semi-automatic rifles, but sniper rifles and infantry rifles from the Second World War as well.

Would you be able to name a rifle from just a single image? Only one in 32 people can. Let's see how you fare. 

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