Only 1 in 24 People Can Name History's Greatest NCAA Basketball Stars From a Photo. Can You?

By: Robin Tyler
Image: FOX Sports/Demon Deacon Digest via Youtube/TiswayProductions

About This Quiz

There is no doubt that college basketball is an important cog in the United States' basketball scene. 

Sure, kids in high school show their talent, but by the time they hit college, everyone is of a similar level and to stand out here, you have to be super talented. 

And those that do stand out are quickly courted by the teams in the NBA where becoming a draft pick can set up their basketball career for life. But despite the talent, it still takes time and dedication from each and every great player to not only stand out from the rest of the pack but to build a solid foundation for the rest of their careers.

Some college players go on to be among the highest points scoring players in NBA history. Others claim Olympic gold by playing for the 'Dream Team' while sadly, many fall by the wayside, either through constant injuries or in rare cases, substance abuse problems. 

Now as a basketball fundi, would you be able to identify some of the greatest basketball players of all time in their college years? A single image is all you will see and four answers are all you can choose from.

Good luck shooting those hoops!

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