Can You Name All of These Stars of the '60s from a Current Photo?

By: Kennita Leon
Image: Scott via Youtube/BBC/afpes via Youtube

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The sixties was a lifetime ago, literally, but the things that happened during that decade still influence the world today. It was the decade where John F. Kennedy was assassinated, the first man walked on the moon, Martin Luther King Jr. made his famous speech and Woodstock was held in New York. So while lots of tragedies occurred, humans did take many steps when it came to advancements. 

One of these advancements was in the movie business, while another was in the music industry. Gone was the rock 'n' roll we came to know and people like Chuck Berry fell off the charts. It was now in with Motown and pop songs and the Supremes reigned, well, supreme. When it came to movies, we were introduced to films like The Sound of Music and To Kill A Mockingbird. People like Clint Eastwood, Henry Fonda and Charles Bronson frequented the screens, while women like Claudia Cardinale were killing it in many countries across the world. 

But these stars have aged. Some of them have managed to stay relevant, but others have either died or settled down, content to not be famous anymore. But can you name them if we show you and aged picture of them? See how well you do on our quiz. 

Known for his distinctive working-class cockney accent, this English actor, producer and author is viewed as a British film icon, having appeared in over 115 movies.

This Swiss actress achieved stardom for her breakthrough role in the first installment of the James Bond film series as Bond Girl, Honey Ryder.

German-born Elke Sommer is an actress, entertainer and artist whose trademark look were her high cheekbones, pouty lips and blonde, bouffant hairstyles.

Claudia Cardinale is a Tunisian-born Italian actress who spent the height of her career in many European films, primarily Italian and French.

Andy Griffith, an American comedian, actor and producer was renowned for his lead role in the 1960 to 1968 sitcom, The Andy Griffith Show.

Dustin Hoffman is an American actor and director who, throughout his career, achieved notoriety for his roles as antiheroes and vulnerable characters.

Since the beginning of her acting career in 1959, this film, stage, and television actress has starred in numerous films including The Poseidon Adventure of 1972.

American actress, singer, dancer and writer Julie Newman is noted for her portrayal of Catwoman for two seasons in the television series, Batman.

Warren Beatty, a fourteen-time Academy Award nominee, is an American actor and filmmaker who starred in the 1967 film, Bonnie and Clyde.

This English model and actress is renowned for her photoshoots in the Playboy magazines and occasional film appearances.

William Shatner is a Canadian actor, director and producer who is regarded as a cultural icon for the role as Captain James T. Kirk in the Star Trek franchise.

English television and film actor Patrick Macnee was best remembered for his portrayal of John Steed in the British TV series, The Avengers.

Natalie Wood was an American actress who began her career as a child star at the age of four and later on starred in many films including the 1962 movie, Gypsy.

Italian-American actor and singer Frankie Avalon spent the formative years of his career as a teen idol, during which he produced several hit songs.

Throughout his sixty-year career, this Hollywood star has appeared in over 100 films including Planet of the Apes and The Ten Commandments.

Prior to his death, this American actor starred in several television series through the course of his career which spanned over five decades.

This Italian actress and singer made her debut at the age of fifteen and achieved popularity for her performance in the 1960 film, "Two Women."

Also known by her initials B.B., this French actress, dancer, singer and fashion model whose career was propelled after starring in the controversial film, "And God Created Women."

Larry Hagman, son of Mary Martin, was an American film and television actor, director and producer who appeared in several TV shows and movies throughout his career.

Raquel Welch is an American actress and singer who is best known for her depiction of strong, female characters.

Eartha Kitt was an American singer, actress, dancer, comedienne and activist who is noted for her unique voice and hit songs such as "Santa Baby."

Jane Fonda is an American actress and two-time Academy Award winner who made her debut in the 1960 film, "Tall Story."

Elvis Presley, nicknamed the "King of Rock and Roll," was an American singer and actor who is considered to be one of the most important cultural icons of the 20th century.

George Takei, renowned for his portrayal of Hikaru Sulu in the Star Trek franchise, is a Japanese-American actor, activist, director and author.

This American film, stage, television actress and singer is well-known for her lead role in the sitcom "I Dream of Jeannie."

Patrick McGoohan, an American-born Irish actor, director and writer is best known for his appearance on the British television show, Danger Man.

Paul Newman was an American actor as well as a director, producer, voice actor, activist, race car driver, philanthropist and entrepreneur.

Born John Uhler Lemmon III, this American actor and musician starred in over sixty films over the course of a five-decade career.

Prior to her retirement in 1969, this English actress, model and author starred in the 1964 James Bond film, Goldfinger as Bond Girl Jill Masterson.

Greg Morris is an American actor who gained notability for his performance of Barry Collier throughout the entirety of the 1966 TV series, Mission: Impossible.

Robert Vaughn, whose career spanned from 1955 until his death in 2016, was an American actor who was best known for his appearance in The Man from U.N.C.L.E. as Napoleon Solo.

Clint Eastwood is an American actor, musician, filmmaker and political figure who is regarded as a cultural icon of masculinity.

Retired Scottish actor and producer Sean Connery ended his fifty-four-year career with three Golden Globe awards, two BAFTA Awards and One Academy Award.

Nicknamed "The King of Cool," this American actor was known for his role in "The Sand Pebble" for which he achieved an Academy Award nomination.

This Irish-British film and stage actor currently holds the record for the most nominations without a win, having been nominated eight times for the Academy Award for Best Actor.

Toshiro Mifune was a Japanese actor who appeared in nearly 170 films throughout his acting career, which spanned from 1947 to 1995.

Rock Hudson was an American actor who was viewed as a heartthrob, due to his roles as a leading man in television and films.

Bahamian-American Sidney Poitier is an actor, director, diplomat and author who, in 1964, was the first Bahamian and black actor to win an Academy Award for Best Actor.

This retired American actress made her debut in 1959 during which she appeared in several television shows and films.

Jean-Paul Belmondo is a French actor who is best known for his performance in the 1960 film, Breathless.

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