Only 1 in 19 People Can Identify These Celebrities from a Close-Up of Their Facial Hair. Can You?

By: Jacqueline Samaroo
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About This Quiz

Set your clippers to "STUN!" It's time for what could be the sexiest quiz you'll ever take!

Some men like that clean-shaven, baby-faced look and, to be honest, they really do it well. Then, there are guys who just simply can't grow a full beard but that doesn't stop quite a few of the celebrities in this quiz from working every bit of lip, cheek and chin fuzz they've got. 

Thick or thin, a mustache has always been regarded as one of the manliest features a guy can have. All mustaches were not created equal, however, and while some have (thankfully) faded away, others have gone down in the history books as the very definition of "MAN." How are you with celebrity mustaches - can you tell one gorgeous set of handlebars from the next?

The soul patch (that bit of hair under the lower lip) has been in vogue for some time now. If any of your favorite celebrities sport one, do you think they own that soul patch enough for you to spot them by it? You'll have to take the quiz to find that out! 

So, whether you like them well-groomed or deliberately scruffy, these guys and their enviable facial hair deserve a quiz all of their own - so, let's get to it!

Brad Pitt’s natural good looks have earned him a place on many of the top “Most Attractive Man” lists published annually. As an Oscar winner, Pitt has been nominated seven times, so far, including twice in the “Best Actor” category. His sole win, however, was in the “Best Picture” category as producer for the film Twelve Years a Slave (2013).

Before getting his big break as an actor, heartthrob Chad Michael Murray was strutting his stuff as a professional model for such big names as Tommy Hilfiger and Gucci. Since then, he has become quite well-known and instantly recognizable, thanks in part to his roles in the TV series Gilmore Girls and One Tree Hill.

Will Smith was already a Grammy Award-winning rapper as the Fresh Prince half of the duo DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince before starring in the mega-hit comedy The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air on NBC. He went on to take the lead in a number of high-grossing box office hits and earned recognition as the “most powerful actor in Hollywood” and the "most bankable star worldwide.” All that talent and he’s pretty darn handsome too – talk about the complete package!

Jon Hamm’s turn at worldwide fame came with his leading role as clean-shaven Don Draper in AMC’s Mad Men (2007 – 2015). Since then, he, his husky voice and varying lengths of well-groomed facial hair have remained hot topics thanks to shows like 30 Rock and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

Rugged good looks backed up by loads of acting talent help explain why Bradley Cooper has received multiple industry award nominations including several for the Oscar, Tony, BAFTA and Golden Globe Awards. His acclaimed performances include roles in the HBO television series Sex and the City (1999), The Hangover trilogy (2009 – 2013) and the Broadway hit The Elephant Man (2014 – 2015).

Clean-shaven, stubbled or sporting a neatly cut ’stache and beard – it seems Ryan Reynolds’ face gets it right ALL the time! The Green Lantern and Deadpool (2016) star was named People's Sexiest Man Alive in 2010 after having graced the list in the two previous years.

Gerard Butler is the booming voice of Stoick the Vast in the How to Train your Dragon films. No doubt about it, his thick Scottish accent helps him win over fans for this and other voice acting roles. Gerard’s beard is a BIT less imposing than Stoick’s, however, which is a good thing – we get to see much more of his handsome face!

Matthew McConaughey is well known for throwing himself wholeheartedly into any role he plays. That includes sporting varying styles of facial hair, running the gamut from what we see in The Wedding Planner (2001) to the full face of fur he wears in Free State of Jones (2016). It’s his winning smile, however, that seems to always find a way to steal the scene.

When it comes to Robert Pattinson, the “eyes” have it – so do the eyebrows and all his other striking facial features, for that matter! In 2010 the star of the 5-film Twilight Saga was honored with having his amazing good looks preserved in wax as part of the Madame Tussauds collection in both New York City and London.

Chiseled good looks, topped off by a perfectly groomed salt-and-pepper beard help explain why this Golden Globe and Primetiime Emmy nominee was named runner-up on People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive list in 2013. Apparently, Idris Elba who portrays the Norse god Heimdall in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, has all-around good looks – in 2017 he won Britain’s “Rear of the Year” award.

Jared Leto shed 30 pounds and waxed his entire body for his performance as Rayon, a transgender woman, in the 2013 film Dallas Buyers Club. Fans may love seeing this magnificent method actor sporting his trademark full beard and mustache, but it was this hairless performance as Rayon which earned him the Academy, Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild Awards for Best Supporting Actor.

Chris Hemsworth captures the hearts of fans as the hammer-wielding Norse god, Thor, in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. For those who can’t get enough of his good looks and magnificent display of muscles, there are his equally handsome brothers, Liam and Luke, to get an eyeful of.

Soccer star David Beckham has been a member of the English Football Hall of Fame since 2008. He is a UNICEF UK ambassador, business, spokesperson and he’s totally handsome to boot! Beckham had a total of 40 tattoos by the time he turned 40 and as he is the ultimate family man, many of these are dedicated to his wife and children.

Whether left to its own devices or styled into submission, Zach Galifianakis’ beard somehow always seems to have a life of its own. It’s an easily recognizable feature on this actor and comedian who has starred in The Hangover trilogy and has won an Emmy Award for his talk show Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis.

A smooth voice and some equally smooth moves ensured Justin Timberlake’s rise to fame as part of the hugely successfully boy band NSYNC (1995 – 2002). This Memphis-born singer/songwriter is now a multiple Grammy Award winner who has also taken a turn at acting in a number of feature films.

Ben Affleck had taken on a wide variety of memorable roles before landing the part of Batman in the DC Extended Universe. He has won Academy Awards for Best Original Screenplay and Best Picture for the films Good Will Hunting (1997) and Argo (2012), respectively.

Since 2000, Hugh Jackman has portrayed the unstoppable mutant Logan/Wolverine in the X-Men series of films. While Wolverine has his own signature style when it comes to facial hair, Jackman is known for sporting a very fetching five o’clock shadow or a full beard and mustache, and every appealing style in-between!

Grammy Award-winning Drake is currently an internationally known rapper but he began his career on the small screen. Drake appeared in seasons 1 - 8 of the teen drama TV series Degrassi: The Next Generation on Canadian Television Network.

Just like all of his Jenner-Kardashian siblings, Brody Jenner is no stranger to the limelight. He started out in the reality TV genre with his brother, Brandon, when they starred in the short-lived reality series The Princes of Malibu (2005).

Seth Rogen has made a name for himself as an actor, director, producer and writer. And while his facial hair is among the most readily recognizable of any in Hollywood, some of his most memorable work includes voice acting is such films as Shrek the Third (2007) and the Kung Fu Panda trilogy (2008 – 2016).

This descendant of Swedish nobility has a screenwriter (Naomi Foner) mother and a director (Stephen Gyllenhaal) father. He made his debut at the age of 10 in the 1991 comedy City Slickers as Billy Crystal’s son, Danny.

Tom Selleck (and his mustache) got their big career break starring in the CBS crime drama Magnum, P.I. (1980 – 1988). Since then, Selleck’s mustache has repeatedly been dubbed the very definition of manliness and many other such macho titles. In case you’re wondering just how famous it is, here a hint: that bit of facial fur has its own Facebook page!

Hunky Channing Tatum first rose to prominence with his lead role in the 2006 dance film Step Up in which he starred opposite his future wife, Jenna Dewan. Tatum has appeared in several hugely successful films since then, including the action film G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra (2009) and its sequel G.I. Joe: Retaliation (2013).

As frontman for the pop rock group Maroon 5, Adam Levine certainly gives every performance the best he’s got. That includes perfecting his look, complete with incredible ink, effortlessly tousled hair and that ruggedly handsome stubble.

Nick Cannon certainly has a lot on his plate, with rapper, actor and comedian being just the tip of the iceberg. His list of what keeps him busy also includes being a director and record producer, while hosting programs on both radio and television. Cannon’s got all that going on while always looking impeccably groomed – the guy’s good!

A mustache, a soul patch and a chin-only beard – that’s Johnny Depp’s signature style when it comes to facial hair and judging from Depp’s undeniable appeal, those are all you need to pull off the ultimate voguish, roguish look. It’s perfect for this star of the blockbuster Pirates of the Caribbean film series (2003 – 2017) who, like so many other men, can’t grow a full beard.

Liam Hemsworth’s acting career began with his appearance in several Australian TV series while still a teenager. Since then, Hemsworth has taken his obvious talents and Adonis-like good looks onto the big screen in hits such as The Expendables 2 (2012) and The Hunger Games series of films (2012 – 2015).

Fans might not be surprised to hear that handsome heartthrob Joe Manganiello was one of the actors considered for the part of Superman in the Man of Steel movie (2013). Scheduling conflicts put him out of the running for that role but Manganiello was destined to join the DC Extended Universe. He now portrays the supervillain Deathstroke, beginning with making a cameo appearance in a post-credits scene of Justice League (2017).

After just a few years of pursuing his acting career, Zac Efron became an international teen idol when he was cast in the role of Troy Bolton in the 2006 Disney Channel Original Movie: High School Musical. Much to the delight of his new fans, Efron went on to reprise the role in the sequels High School Musical 2 (2007) and High School Musical 3: Senior Year (2008).

John Roger Stephens adopted the stage name “John Legend” after another performer remarked that he sounds “like one of the legends.” This sweet crooner with an even sweeter five o’clock shadow has certainly been living up to the “Legend” in his name. He has won awards from all sectors of the industry including a Tony, a Golden Globe, an Academy and ten Grammys, so far.

This “Jack of all trades” and master of every single one, adds his own personal style to everything he does. No wonder he has been included on TIME Magazine’s list of the “100 Most Influential People in the World” …. twice! The first time was in 2005 and then again 2015.

Whether he’s sporting a mischievous mustache, sexy stubble or a super intense full beard, it seems Antonio Banderas’ face can do no wrong! Banderas, whose birth name is José, delights fans both on the big screen and on stage. He is also well known as the voice of Puss in Boots in the Shrek film franchise.

Seems like Eddie Murphy has had his bro-stache for as long as anyone can remember. While it is extremely hard to picture him without it, he did go without his manly lip rug when he portrayed the title character in the comedy film Norbit (2007).

James Franco’s long list of award nominations and wins includes a Golden Globe Award for portraying 1950s film icon James Dean in a 2011 biopic of Dean’s life. Fans who would love to get schooled by this multi-faceted actor can simply sign up for one of the college courses he lectures in.

Taye Diggs rose to international recognition as the handsome (and young) Winston Shakespeare in the 1998 romantic comedy How Stella Got Her Groove Back. His classic good looks had won him numerous fans a few years before, however, when he starred in several Broadway productions.

The adjectives hot, hunky and handsome all serve very well when describing Paul Rudd. He may portray the tiny Ant-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but Rudd’s appeal is quite large whether he decides to go clean shaven, sport a five o’clock shadow or don a full beard and stache.

Fortunately for fans, Colin Farrell enjoys putting the full range of his acting talents on display. This Irish actor cemented his place among the most desirable of Hollywood actors (for both moviegoers and filmmakers) when he appeared in the 2008 comedy In Bruges.

Actor/musician Ryan Gosling started out his entertainment career as a child actor on The Mickey Mouse Club (1993–1995). Gosling’s boyish good looks and superb acting talents have led to him receiving industry recognition for his film appearances. These include a Golden Globe Best Actor Award for his role in the 2016 romantic musical La La Land.

When it comes to facial hair, no one has their A-game down pat like Jude Law. This star of film and stage knows just how to groom the best look into his facial hair whether he’s working with rough stubble or scruffy beard.

Usher has won several Grammy Awards, a testament to his being an R&B and pop icon. This hunky sex symbol is also a true trendsetter when it comes to hair and beard styles. From his mohawk to his buzz cut and burst fade, no matter which he chooses, he does it oh so well!

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