Only 1 in 17 People Can Name All of These Cars from the 1950s to the 1990s. Can You?

By Robin Tyler on July 13, 2018

About This Quiz

Cars have become such an important part of today's modern world. 

Not only do they transport our family safely, but we use them as part of our livelihood, sometimes as business tools but mostly to get us to our place of employment. For the lucky ones, we can even use them for recreation, think 4x4's or a big SUV to tow a boat. 

Do you think those incredible men over 100 years ago would ever think how important their inventions would be and how people would come to rely on the motor car?

Now as a motor car lover you probably have your favorites among a host of automobiles built during the period from the '50s to the '90s. And there have been so many models and makes during that time, that is for sure. Some quickly became legends while others faded into obscurity. But they all contributed toward the history of motoring and in that way, all are important. 

So in this quiz, we span across those decades, bringing a range of cars for you to identify. Some famous, some not so much.

One image and four possible choices are all you have! Do you think you can do it?

Good luck!

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