Only 1 in 16 People Knows the Function of These Utility Vehicles. Do You?

By: Robin Tyler
Image: Youtube via twentytrucks

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What defines a utility vehicle? Well, you see cars and pickups and other vehicles on our roads every day. You will also see many utility vehicles going about their daily work. It might be transporting something between point A and point B, or delivering concrete perhaps. 

Some even only operate in a specialized area, such as a harbor, airport or even a farm. Where ever you might see them, you will know that they are doing a very specialized job. Because ultimately, that's what utility vehicles do. 

Perhaps the greatest amount of varied utility vehicles can be found at airports around the world. Here, they do a variety of important jobs which mostly focus on getting an aircraft and its occupants up in the air and traveling to their destination. There is a lot of prep work to be done before a plane takes off, you know. 

Now, do you think you could identify what function a utility vehicle carries out day to day by just looking at an image of the vehicle itself?

Some are extremely easy, while others will have you scratching your head. 

Can you be among the only 1 in 16 people who will ace this test?

Good luck. 

A cherry picker has a long extendable basket which can carry someone to high points, otherwise impossible to reach. They are used in many ways, for example replacing light bulbs in street lamps.

A truck that hauls all manner of material, from gravel to garbage, dump trucks are the backbone of the construction industry.

Tow trucks come in many guises and are used to transport broken-down vehicles. Vehicles can either be hitched up behind the truck or loaded on a flat bed and secured.

Forklifts are used to move containers, pallets and various other heavy loads. Pronged forks in the front of the lifter pick up the load and can then drop them at various heights, depending on the height of the storage area.

Tractors are versatile vehicles used in many ways. For example, they could be used to pull a mowing attachment to cut grass or for towing.

These small powered mowers, in which a driver sits on top, are the perfect way to cut your lawn, especially if you have a huge property.

Although most stairs that give access to aircraft at the airport are towed or pushed into place, some are attached to a vehicle and can be driven into place.

This vehicle is found on farms and used to harvest crops. It reaps, threshes and winnows the crops in a single process, which saves much time.

This is a type of forklift mostly used to pick up and move large containers at a harbor.

This special truck is used to carry the baggage of aircraft passengers from the point where it is checked in to the aircraft they are traveling on.

These long, flat vehicles are used at airports to push aircraft into place, particularly in their designated areas where passengers board from.

This general all-purpose vehicle was first used in World War II in many guises. Most notably, it was a reconnaissance vehicle but also used as an ambulance, for example.

At large airports, passengers are often transported to the aircraft they are flying on through the use of a bus. Other bus types are also used to transport people around cities.

A sewerage truck is used to clear out residential septic tanks.

These specialized vehicles carry aviation fuel and are used to refuel aircraft at airports around the world.

Normally a truck with a large open container, scrap trucks are used to transport scrap material around.

This specialized vehicle has a conveyor belt that easily loads large containers into transport aircraft.

This specialized motor vehicle has the necessary equipment to help start the engine on commercial airliners

Now a popular way for office workers to get their lunch, food trucks are found all over large cities offering a variety of food to hungry clients.

With specialized health practitioners onboard, an ambulance is a mobile mini-hospital tasked with getting patients from an accident scene, for example, to the hospital as quickly as possible once they are stabilized.

With the ability to carry many gallons of water, this vehicle can give people access to water, particularly in areas suffering from drought or that have run out of water.

Essentially, a mobile crane is a long telescopic arm attached to a vehicle so it can be driven to where it is needed. Some cranes are mounted to vehicles while others are self-propelled.

This vehicle, often a truck, has a flat bed on which containers can be transported from ship yards to their destinations.

These vehicles are used to move aircraft around the airport where needed.

These vehicles use a conveyor belt system to load baggage onto aircraft.

Most airlines offer food on board, and this is brought to the aircraft by a catering vehicle belonging to the food supplier.

Used by fire services, a fire truck has all the necessary equipment to not only transport fire crews but fight fires. They can hold pressurized water as well to aid in their task.

Moving to a new city? A moving truck is used to transport all your belongings!

These open vehicles come with multiple seats and are used for game viewing around the world.

Running on rails, a tram is a mood of transport used by city residents. This mode of transport is becoming outdated, however.

Often used in third world countries, a motorized health clinic takes doctors to people who don't often have access much health care.

An important vehicle in colder climates, this vehicle ensures that an aircraft is thoroughly deiced before take-off.

This vehicle is used at airports to clean and service the toilets on board aircraft.

Cement mixing trucks take cement to building sites. They rotate as they drive, ensuring that the cement is thoroughly mixed and ready to pour.

Often used in third world countries, a motorized pet clinic takes vets to people and their animals who don't often have access to any pet care.

Rescue vehicles transport qualified rescuers to scenes where they are needed, for example, a mountain range where climbers may be trapped or have fallen. The vehicle has all the necessary equipment on board such as ropes, helmets etc.

Used on mines mostly, these massive trucks move tons of earth that is brought up from under ground.

Trucks on farms are used in a variety of ways including transportation of animals, for example.

Sometimes motorized, a baler creaters bales out of already cut hay or other crops (cotton or flax for example).

This speciality vehicle is used at airports to push aircraft into position so passengers can board.

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