Make an Order at Dairy Queen and We'll Guess Which Southern State You Grew Up In

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Did you know that Dairy Queen has been around since 1940? It's one of the oldest chains in America and has been serving up some pretty delicious treats for generations. Lots of places have ice cream for sale, but not a lot of places ever became synonymous with it. 

There's just something iconic about that Dairy Queen soft serve cone with the little swirl on top or the treat-filled Blizzard that they blend it together and then turn upside down in the cup just to show you how thick and delicious it is. For some of us, it's hard to even imagine summer without a trip to Dairy Queen for a banana split or a dipped cone or something. It was a part of growing up!

Speaking of growing up, because Dairy Queen is so linked to that feeling of joy on a hot summer's day from when you were a kid, we're pretty sure we can build on that. If you look over the Dairy Queen menu with us and pull out some of your favorites, we're confident we can narrow down which state in the South you grew up in. Grab yourself a big, red spoon and a napkin and dig into this quiz!

The Dairy Queen menu is split up between sweet treats and savory fast food items. What draws you there the most?

There are an abundance of Blizzard flavors including some limited time options. Which of these limited time flavors sounds tastiest?

Maybe you just want an ice cream cone to keep things simple. How do you like yours?

Cones can be kind of limited in the flavors they offer. Maybe a sundae would be better?

If you're feeling a little extra decadent then you should snag some Royal Treats. Which one is best?

Do you like candy? Of course, you do! Pick a candy classic Blizzard!

A smoothie is a fun way to sorta kinda get fruit in your diet. What kind do you want to try?

Do you know the difference between a Julius and a Smoothie? It's very scientific or possibly magical. At any rate, pick a Julius!

It's lunchtime and that means sandwiches! What do you want to dig into?

Chicken is good no matter how you prepare it. What's the best chicken dish at Dairy Queen?

It's hot dog time! How do you like your dogs?

Hamburgers are one of the best food items ever and that's a fact. Order your favorite.

You need a side for your meal because why not? What sounds good to you?

Maybe you're trying to be healthy and want to order a side salad. What kind of dressing will kick it up a notch?

Ever had a Treatzza Pizza? Why not try one now?

Dairy Queen can kick your birthday into next gear with a Blizzard cake. Choose your favorite!

Speaking of Blizzard cakes, what's the best part of the cake anyway?

The best thing about ordering fruit with your ice cream is how it makes you feel like it's healthy. What's your fruit of choice?

Chocolate only seems like chocolate to the untrained eye. Dairy Queen has lots of chocolate! What sounds best for a sundae?

If you're having a burger you need to pick the right toppings. What'll you have?

Dairy Queen has a few regional items depending on where you live. Would any of these make you take a road trip?

Every restaurant has a few items on a secret menu and Dairy Queen is no different. What sounds best?

Dairy Queen in Canada is alllllllmost the same as DQ in the US, but not exactly. Which of these Canadian items would you try?

A cake shake is a shake with cake blended into it? Are you down?

Dairy Queen has something called the Mini Blizzard Treat Flight so you can try three small Blizzards at once to test them out. Sound good?

It may be too early for ice cream in the morning but it's not too early for breakfast! What'll you have?

How many kinds of Blizzards do you think you've tried in your life?

You can go a little Tex Mex at some Dairy Queens. Do any of these sound good?

Did you know that there are Dairy Queens in the United Arab Emirates? What sounds good from their menu?

Can you lay waste to an extra large Blizzard without getting an ice cream headache?

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