Lamborghini or Ferrari: Only 1 in 24 Peple Can Correctly Identify the Make of These Vehicles. Can You?

By J.P. Naomi on May 24, 2018

About This Quiz

Are you ready to get your fancy pants on? It's time to see how well you know some of the most luxurious, most expensive, most impressive vehicles in the history of auto-making! Is it a Lamborghini? Or is it a Ferrari? We want to know, so put the pedal to the metal and let's see how you do!

Did you know that the Lamborghini vs. Ferrari rivalry spans nearly five decades? Of course we all know that Enzo Ferrari developed his brand first. The Ferrari 125 S debuted in 1947! But it wasn't long before Ferruccio Lamborghini decided he could do better. Originally a Ferrari driver himself, Ferruccio Lamborghini debuted his Lamborghini 350 GTV in 1963. 

From that day forward, these two luxury brands have been the best of competitors. So we want to know, can you tell the difference between them?

This quiz is sure to test those skills. Are those the blocky and angular shapes of the Lamborghini? Or are they the soft and beautiful curves of the Ferrari? Only the keenest eye for these brands is sure to spot the difference and ace this quiz. Will that be you?

It's time to take this quiz from 0 to 60! Good luck and don't forget to buckle up!

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