Is your vocabulary up to SAT standards?

By Torrance Grey on February 13, 2018

About This Quiz

Having a rich, well-developed vocabulary is not just the act of memorization. The knowledge and understanding of language is a crucial part of this ability. So much so, that vocabulary in and of itself, can be a measure of intellect and is tested on the SATs. Although this quiz is for entertainment purposes only, you may learn some interesting language tips along the way. It can help keep your vocabulary in tip-top shape.  All it takes is a click below to refresh your vocabulary knowledge. 

Do you know your Greek or Latin roots? How about prefixes and suffixes? Are you someone who likes knowing where a word comes from? Vocabulary is built on all of these things. In fact, learning a new language is easier if you understand the basic breakdown of a word. And with a strong vocabulary, most people find it easier to think more precisely and have the ability to grasp ideas faster. Whether it's defining a word, a synonym or describing a situation, you're sure to excel (a word that comes from the Latin word "excellere," "ex" meaning out, beyond and" celsus" meaning lofty) at this quiz. Start it now and see if you can claim the Vocabulary Crown. 

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