Is He Really the One?

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No one will deny this important truth: It's heckin' easy to get tricked by a cute guy. The fact is, when a guy is super ripped or has a pretty face, you want him to be right for you, despite all the evidence to the contrary. But in reality, dope boyfriends don't grow on trees! In other words, not everybody who looks like a good boyfriend is a good boyfriend.Β 

But how can you tell the difference between someone you feel great around and someone who's actually great for you? By taking this quiz, fam. We've come up with questions designed to help you figure out if he's right for you or just a precious lil' summer boyfriend. You're going to have to tell us how he acts around your friends, whether you secretly have a crush on his hot best friend and what he does when you complain. In return, we'll reveal whether this relationship will age like a fine wine or expire faster than milk.

Can you handle finding out the truth about bae? If the answer to that is yes, stop messing around. Close your other tabs and come play this quiz!

What's his most annoying habit?

Has he ever made a big deal of your birthday?

Are you more attracted to him or his hot best friend?

When you get together, who decides what you'll be doing?

Does he take you on dope dates, or does he just invite you to watch him hang out with his friends?

When he comes over to your house, does he clean up after himself?

When stuff breaks in your house, does he try to fix it?

Does your mom like him?

How good is he at cuddling?

If one of his friends insulted you, how would he react?

Does he like dogs?

How long can you complain about your problems before he changes the subject?

Do your friends think he's Gucci or extra?

When something ruins your plans together, does he act chill or high-key?

Let's pretend that you just met him and he has another partner. Would you try to break them up or would you shrug, then dip?

Does he flirt with your friends?

What's his arguing style?

Does he text you too much or too little?

Are you ever tempted to steal his phone so you can check up on him?

Which pop star is he the most like?

Are his friends cool to you, or do they treat you like a rando who will be gone soon?

Be honest: Does he pay for stuff, or do you?

Tell the truth: In your heart of hearts, do you really love him? Or are you settling?

Does he want to put a ring on it?

If your grandpa wanted to take him out for coffee, what would he say?

Are you comfortable wearing sweatpants around him?

Has he ever ghosted you?

Which famous couple is your couple twin?

Can you rely on him to go with you to boring work events?

Is his style good?

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