If You Answer Half of These Questions It Might Be Love at First Sight

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If you can read this message without getting too emotional about that special someone, heed the advice that many lovesick folks refuse. Tread lightly; don't run with your lethal dose of love for your maybe boo. Answer our richly romantical questions with your most heartfelt responses, and we'll definitely reveal whether the pain in your stomach is from butterflies or from bad gas. 

You probably have never had someone pull you aside and assist in vetting your love issues. Once we unravel and analyze those mystery feelings, you'll thank us for saving your ego, because deep-seated emotions cause people to do crazy things. You're more likely to be tolerant of terrible habits, bad behavior and the very personal body odors of the other person. Admit it, please-me-mine bae can do no wrong when you're drowning in love. We'll throw you a lifeline.

On the other hand, mere physical attraction saves you the emotional agony, while just crushin' on some random cutie is the most liberating of all romance habits. A hard fall from failed love can propel you into the apathy realm, which is why you must allow us to help sort your true feelings about your maybe bae early on.

Are you ready to receive the truth about your feelings for you-know-who? Don't worry; you can handle it. Check up on love after a scroll.

When you're completely alone, how do your thoughts about this person play out?

You paid for a three-piece chicken strip meal, but the restaurant gave you four strips. Who do you tell the good news to first?

Valentine's Day is six months away, and you're ________.

What are your plans when you find out that the object of your alleged attraction is a culinary instructor?

You're stuck in traffic with your potential boo. What thoughts are you harboring?

Intel about your alleged attraction's ex surfaces. Do you care?

What pet name have you already chosen for this person?

Do you make extra pancakes just in case the object of your affection happens to call for an impromptu meet-up at 7 a.m. on a weekday?

You're terribly allergic to anchovies. Your future boo loves anchovies. So it makes sense that you would ________.

OMG! You receive an online notification that your maybe main squeeze viewed your profile. What's the first thing to be done?

Is it true that the special place in your heart that you reserve only for the hottest celebrity has been closed?

What happens to your inhibitions when the two of you meet?

Lately, have friends and family members been asking you out of the blue, "What's so funny?"

Any concerns about your future have dissipated since you met this probable partner, right?

How did you get to become such an expert in relationships so fast?

You're smiling while getting your tooth pulled?

Your childhood friend in the passenger seat just mocked someone who cut you off while the two of you are on the road. The offender is wearing a turtle neck shirt. Your love interest wears a lot of turtle neck shirts. Do you pull over and make your friend walk the rest of the way?

A family member asks why you were just talking to yourself and cooing while doing a mound of dishes. Your response?

What do you want us to do if you mistakenly knock yourself out because you ran headfirst into a wall to practice a chance encounter with you-know-who?

Your mutual friend is exhausted from dodging all your questions about maybe bae. They resort to blocking you on social media. Do you care?

How shall we describe the person who has to hear about your volatile feelings for please-be-my-baby bae every 5 minutes?

All of a sudden, you plan to go skydiving in 20 minutes. What's the reason for the impulse during your lunch break?

Aww. Wouldn't it be cute if pretend boo raked the plaque off their tongue while eating cheesy pizza with you at the dinner table?

Human smells are not so bad. Human smells are not so bad. Say it again ...

What are the song lyrics that come to mind when you think of that person?

Categorize these activities: tap-dancing to choral music, sipping root beer soda through a straw with your nose, riding a grease-slicked electric bull.

Mom says, "I heard all sorts of animal noises coming from your room last night." You say, ________.

On a scale of 1 to Mother Teresa 10, how compassionate is make-believe bae?

You pick a fight with your wanna-be special someone because ...

How do you imagine your "situationship" ending?

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