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Take this quiz to see how an inexperienced, loud-mouth lawyer from New York practices law in rural Alabama... it's not going to be pretty, but he just might get the job done!

What is Vinny's last name?

Vinny Gambini was the cousin of Bill Gambini. Bill became one of the subjects of a murder investigation in rural Alabama.


Which famous actor plays the role of Vinny Gambini?

Joe Pesci was born on February 9, 1943, in Newark, New Jersey. Two years prior to My Cousin Vinny, he appeared in Home Alone in 1990.


What is the name of Vinny's girlfriend?

Her full name is Mona Lisa Vito, but she went by Lisa. She brings a little attitude and some sass to the role!


Which famous actress plays the role of Lisa?

Marisa Tomei was born in December 4, 1964, in Brooklyn, New York, She is 21 years younger than Joe Pesci, though their age difference was never revealed in the film.


The two young men on trial for murder are Bill Gambini and Stan __________.

Stan Rothenstein is portrayed by actor Mitchell Whitfield. He also starred in several episodes of Friends as Dr. Barry Farber, Rachel's orthodontist ex-fiance.


Which famous actor plays the role of Bill Gambini?

Ralph Macchio is best known for his role as Daniel LaRusso in the Karate Kid series. He was about 30 years old when he filmed My Cousin Vinny.


Where is Vinny Gambini from?

Vinny is a personal injury lawyer from Brooklyn. He was recently admitted to the bar and has no trial experience!


What is the name of the convenience store involved in the murder scene?

The Sac-o-Suds is actually located in Monticello, Georgia. They now sell film mementos such as t-shirts to their visitors.


What does Vinny mean when he says "yutes"?

Yute is "Brooklyn" for youths. Judge Haller stops Vinny in his questioning to try to understand what he means by yutes. Vinny then exaggerates and annunciates the word, "YOUUUUUTTTTHHHHHS".


How many tries did it take Vinny to pass the bar exam in New York?

"Nope! For me, 6 times was a charm!" Stan does not think Vinny is qualified to handle their trial, but Bill wants them to give Vinny a shot because he is his cousin.


What is the name of the prosecutor representing the State of Alabama in this case?

Jim Trotter III is portrayed by actor Lane Smith. Smith portrayed Coach Jack Reilly in The Mighty Ducks and Dick Dodge in The Distinguished Gentleman, totaling 3 films in 1992 alone!


Lisa is horrified that Vinny is going to hunt ______.

"Whoa. You're gonna shoot a deer? A sweet, innocent, harmless, leaf-eating, doe-eyed little deer." She flips when Vinny asks if his pants are ok for hunting.


What type of car does Bill Gambini drive?

The Buick Skylark was made between 1964 and 1967. It became a major part of the trial of Bill Gambini and Stan Rothenstein.


What is the name of the judge presiding over the trial?

Judge Chamberlain Haller is played by actor Fred Gwynne. Gwynne was born on July 10, 1926, and passed away on July 2, 1993, at the age of 66, from pancreatic cancer. He is also known for his role as Herman on The Munsters.


Bill and Stan thought they were being arrested for shoplifting ________.

Vinny tries explaining this to Judge Haller when asked, "How do your clients plead?" All he needed to say was "guilty" or "not guilty," but instead he goes on about the tuna. The Judge is not having any of that!


How much does Lisa get stiffed for after winning a game of pool at a local bar?

Vinny goes to the bar to settle up and collect the money, but JT wants to just kick Vinny's ass instead! Vinny tells him to get the money first, and then they could fight.


Who does Vinny go hunting with?

Vinny goes hunting with Jim Trotter III, thinking that he can get some insider info about the case. Little does he know about "disclosure," which Lisa teaches him about when he returns.


Which witness does Vinny give an eye test to?

Mrs. Riley stated she was about 100 feet from the Sac-o-Suds. Vinny tests her eye sight from only 50 feet and she can't answer correctly, proving the point that she may have incorrectly identified the suspects.


What is the name of the public defender that was assigned to Stan?

Austin Pendleton plays the role of John Gibbons. Gibbons was a very nervous public defender who lacked confidence and was eventually fired by Stan.


Vinny tells Judge Haller that he practices law in New York under the name of _______.

Jerry Gallo was a prominent New York attorney. Vinny figured if Judge Haller looked him up, his name would appear all over the place. Little did Vinny realize that Jerry Gallo had passed away the previous week.


Realizing that Jerry Gallo is dead, what does Vinny tell Judge Haller?

By the end of the movie, Lisa secretly helps out in this debacle by calling Vinny's old mentor in New York, Judge Malloy, to make sure he tells Judge Haller that Jerry CALLO had a long and impressive trial history.


"No self-respectin' Southerner uses ______."

This is the testimony of Mr. Tipton, who says he had just begun making his breakfast when he saw the boys enter the store. He was just about ready to eat when he heard the gunshots.


How long does it take the "entire grit-eating world" to make their grits?

Vinny argues with Mr. Tipton about how he possibly could have finished making his grits and positively identified Bill and Stan as the suspects in this murder case.


How many bushes hinder the view between Mr. Crane's house and the Sac-o-Suds?

Vinny takes down yet another witness by pointing out the fact that these 7 bushes did not provide Mr. Crane with a clear view of the two defendants. In defeat, Mr. Crane steps down from the stand.


What does Lisa have to do for Vinny in the first few days of court?

He was held in contempt of court by Judge Haller for misbehaving, using foul language, and giving the Judge an attitude.


What does Lisa give to Vinny that starts to give him some confidence in his ability to defend these boys?

With this camera, Vinny goes to visit the homes of the witnesses and starts taking pictures of their views to the Sac-o-Suds. One picture of the scene displays the tire tracks that end up helping to prove their innocence.


What is Lisa's occupation?

The DA wants to know how being a hair dresser qualifies her as an expert on automobiles. She says it doesn't, and starts to walk off the stand. She is ordered to sit back down by Judge Haller.


In which year was the premiere of My Cousin Vinny?

My Cousin Vinny was released on March 13, 1992. It as rated R for language!


What is the name of the FBI analyst called to testify about the tire marks at the crime scene?

George Wilbur is called to the stand, much to the surprise of Vinny. Vinny then only has a short recess to prepare his cross-examination of Mr. Wilbur.


What is the name of the county in which Bill and Stan are arrested?

Beechum county is fictional. Many scenes of My Cousin Vinny were actually filmed in Georgia, not Alabama.


What is the color of the convertible that Bill and Stan were driving?

It was a metallic mint-green Buick Skylark. The other car in question was the Pontiac Tempest, and because they were both GM cars, they were both available in the metallic mint-green finish.


Anyone who's been stuck in the mud in Alabama knows that when you step on the gas...

This is known as a "regular differential" - not to be confused with the "limited split differential" - which Lisa explains on the stand to the jury.


What is a limited slip differential?

Lisa explains to the jury that positraction allowed the getaway car to make two-equal-length tire marks. Positraction was not available on the 1964 Buick Skylark driven by Bill and Stan.


When Lisa won't answer Vinny's question on the stand, he asks the judge if he can treat her as a _____ witness.

Lisa replies, "You think I'm hostile now, wait til you see me tonight." Judge Haller then asks if they know each other and Vinny says, "Yeah, she's my fiancee."


Vinny asks Mr. Tipton if he likes his grits regular, creamy or _______.

Mr. Tipton replies, 'Just regular, I guess," further explaining that 'no self-respecting Southerner uses instant grits' and that he takes pride in his grits.


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