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How well do you know the Duke's movies?
by Scott Nordlund

The swagger, the tilt of the chin, the steely look ... John Wayne was an iconic hero of the Wild West.; and we just couldn't get enough of him. Wayne's talent was such that he played the lead in 142 of the films he starred in. You probably know some of his most famous movies. Does The Alamo, True Grit, or El Dorado ring a bell? If so, you'll be an expert quiz taker. 

John Wayne was part of the movie-making era called the Traditional Westerns. These films have the hero fighting on the side of societal good, for justice and to restore order. Kind, patient, yet ready to fight for what is right, John Wayne was a man's man. And a ladies-man too. That's just one of the reasons he was listed in 1999 by the American Film Industry as one of the greatest male stars of all times. 

But do you want to learn more about the man himself? Was that his real hair? Did he really shoot his friend? And do you recall his hilarious quote about his failed second marriage? 

Why wait when the best of the West is waiting to be won by YOU. Take the quiz now and you can ride off into the sunset with a smile.

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