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Garfield's Halloween Adventure was the fourth special made for television featuring Garfield the cat. Have you watched the special? Are you a true Garfield fan? Take the following quiz to find out.

When was the first time Garfield's Halloween Adventure aired on television?

Garfield's Halloween Special first aired October 30, 1985, on CBS.


What was Garfield's Halloween Adventure originally titled?

The show was originally titled Garfield in Disguise but soon became known as Garfield's Halloween Adventure.


Who does the voice of Garfield in this special?

Gerald David "Lorenzo" Music (May 2, 1937 – August 4, 2001) was not only the voice of the cartoon Garfield but also the voice of Tummi Gummi in Disney's Adventures of the Gummi Bears and Peter Venkman in The Real Ghostbusters.


Who produced and directed the special?

Phil Roman (born December 21, 1930) produced many Garfield and Charlie Brown specials, as well as series such as Richie Rich, Bobby's World, and Garfield and Friends.


Who wrote Garfield's Halloween Special?

James Robert "Jim" Davis (born July 28, 1945) originally wanted the Garfield comic strip to focus on Jon but was advised to make Garfield the star. He wanted Garfield's Halloween Adventure to scare kids at least for a brief moment when the ghosts enter the house.


Who was the voice of the Old Man?

In addition to providing the voice for the Old Man in Garfield's Halloween Special, Charles (C.) Lindsay Workman, Jr., (March 6, 1924 – April 24, 2012) worked on Westworld and Naked Gun 2 ½.


What number was on the television test pattern as the special began?

The television showed a test pattern with the number 3 on it as the special began.


What kind of exercise did Binky the Clown want everyone to do?

"Get your lazy bottoms out of bed and do jumping jacks with Binky the Clowwwwwwn!"


The actor who was the voice of Binky the Clown was also the voice of which character?

Thom Huge (born September 1, 1944) was a voice actor who provided the voice for both Jon Arbuckle and Binky the Clown. He also did Roy the Rooster and Gort on the Garfield and Friends series.


Who created the music for the television special?

Ed Bogas (born February 2, 1942) and his wife, Desiree Goyette (born September 10, 1956), collaborated on many Garfield specials as well as Garfield and Friends.


Why didn't Garfield like Christmas as much as he liked Halloween?

"Halloween is my kind of a holiday—not like those other stupid holidays. I don't get pine needles in my paws… Just candy."


What was Jon doing first thing in the morning?

"You're probably wondering what I'm doing with this pumpkin on my head." "Wahoo! There's a pumpkin on your head? I hadn't noticed." "I was carving a jack-o'-lantern until you arrived."


What word did Garfield get stuck frequently repeating throughout the special?

"How about some breakfast?" "Oh, no thank you. I must save room for all that candy—candy, candy, candy, candy…"


What did Garfield eat for breakfast?

"How about some breakfast?" "Oh no, thank you I must save room for all that candy… Oh, maybe I'll have a sweet roll to tide me over… Perhaps some bacon and a croissant... Oh, what the heck."


Why did Garfield want to take Odie trick-or-treating?

Garfield realized if he took Odie, he would be able to get two bags of candy instead of one.


What did Garfield promise to give Odie at the end of the night if he is good?

"… A night when dogs have to help cats go out and get candy… That's right, and if the dog does a good job, he gets a whole piece of candy of his very own!"


Fill in the blank: "What should I be? There's so many sides to me. I could be handsome or brave, ____________."

"What should I be? There's so many sides to me. I could be handsome or brave, a king or a slave."


What did Garfield decide to be?

"I be Orange Beard the Pirate Captain, and this be me First Mate, Odie the Stupid."


How many peg legs did Odie initially have?

Garfield and Odie were both pirates, but Odie initially had four peg legs that Garfield made him remove. Garfield has one peg leg that he kept until just before they crossed the river.


When Odie was scared of the trick-or-treaters, what did Garfield do?

Garfield began pulling the masks off everyone who went past. Unfortunately for Odie's fears, they discovered even scarier monsters under the masks.


How did Garfield get more candy?

"Me thinks you're be a might stingy with your candy, Miss. If you don't reconsider your contribution, I'll give your living room drapes a taste of me broadsword."


How did Garfield propose they cross the river?

"Argh! What have we here? Why it do be pirate ship for us across the river. I commandeer this ship in the name of Orange Beard the Pirate."


What did Odie do when commanded to "put out the oars"?

"I'd make him walk the plank if I had one," Garfield quipped as the oars Odie tossed overboard floated away.


Where did the boat finally land?

The Garfield comic strip was set in Muncie, IN, which has the White River flowing through it as well as several streams. There were many islands to inspire Jim Davis' imagination.


What did Garfield say was a nice touch?

As soon as their boat landed on the island, an owl hoots and lightning strikes on the otherwise clear night. The lightning continues while they are in the house.


What did Garfield and Odie find in the house?

"Shut up you, two! That's enough to stop an Old Man's ticker."


What was the secret?

The Old Man related a tale in which pirates, pursued by government forces, landed on the island and buried treasure so they could make their escape faster by unburdening their boat.


What time did the ghosts return?

"It's midnight!"


Where did Odie and Garfield eventually hide together?

Although Odie stuck his head in a flowerpot to hide, Garfield convinced him that the cupboard was a better hiding place for both of them.


Where did the Old Man go?

"Rats! There goes my boat. Rats! There goes my candy. My boat's gone. My candy's gone."


How many ghosts entered the house?

The three ghosts were made to glow by over-exposing the film.


How did the ghosts find Garfield and Odie?

Odie's sneeze blew the cabinet doors open. Both pets closed the doors, and Garfield optimistically hoped the ghosts didn't see them.


How did Garfield and Odie get off the island?

"This is it, pal. We swim for it. One… Two… Three… Rats! I forgot. I can't swim."


"I've had nightmares that look like _____________ compared to tonight."

"I've had nightmares that look like birthday parties compared to tonight."


What was one way the book adaptation differed from the television special?

Most other specials were based on the printed comic strip ideas that had been expanded. This was the first special to be written independently and to have a book follow. The main difference between the two was that Garfield stole a ring from the pirates in the book and was chased by the ghosts until he returned it. There was also more Halloween history in the book.


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