How Well Do You Know Goldie Hawn's 1987 Movie, "Overboard"?

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No certified rom-com lover is worthy of their cinematic card if they don't know the '80s movie Overboard. Do you? Test your knowledge with our quiz, then!

Ah, yes, the romantic comedy or the rom-com as people tend to shortcut it nowadays. It's one of the most popular and universal genres the world over since it carries lighthearted themes with a mix of dramatic flair here and there. Rom-coms have been in Hollywood ever since Tinseltown was born. And why not? Falling in love, being in love, falling out of love, and laughing about all of these lovelorn stages is as human as breathing through your nose. It's a genre that has the usual elements: two people falling for each other, a circumstance or two that blocks their being together, and everything else in between and around them. But over the decades, each generation of filmmakers and actors give their own flavor and create their own branding of the rom-coms they find themselves making.

It's the same thing with the film Overboard. Released back in 1987, the movie was helmed by a late director of great Hollywood rom-coms. Guess who he is by answering the quiz question about him! But what we'll give you is this, though: Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn work their '80s charm in this film. The real-life and reel-life couple seemed like they had much fun shooting this one. Even if the film got mixed reviews, it's still a good film to see their chemistry.

So have we jogged your memory enough to take this quiz? Hey, don't go overboard, and just enjoy the quiz ride!

What kind of ship does Goldie Hawn's character fall from?

What trade is Kurt Russell's character employed in?

What's the name of the acclaimed director of "Overboard"?

When Kurt's character first meets Goldie's character on the boat, what is she wearing?

Who plays Goldie's butler?

In what state is Kurt Russell's modest cabin home?

What's Kurt Russell's dream job in the movie?

What did Goldie leave on the deck of the boat that caused her to fall overboard?

How much money did Goldie pay Kurt to fix her closet on the yacht?

After her amnesia, what is Goldie told that her name is?

How many boys does Kurt Russell's character have?

What's Kurt's favorite hangout with the boys?

When Goldie refuses to sleep with him their first night at his house in the woods, what does he reply?

When Goldie has a dream at night about her wealthy past, what is she doing in the dream?

In a rush to get the boys off to school, what kind of sandwiches does Goldie make for them?

When Goldie uses a chainsaw in the yard, she manages to take the head off of what?

What pet do the boys have that disgusts Goldie?

Goldie's mother in the movie has a luxurious apartment where?

What trick do the four boys play on Goldie?

What illness do the boys get sent home from school for?

What foreign language does Goldie start speaking out of the blue, surprising​ the bajesus out of herself?

Kurt's best friend Billy wants the miniature golf course to be called "Sink 'Em and Drink 'Em," but instead, Goldie suggests what theme?

When Kurt lies and says that he's out bowling, where else does she catch him?

When she is teaching the youngest boy to read, what gift does he give to Goldie?

What do Goldie and Kurt toast with on her fake birthday?

Kurt tells the story of two fictional lovers who are reunited at sea. What are the names of the pair?

When Goldie asks Kurt how old she is, he lies and tells her she's 29, but how old was Goldie Hawn in reality?

What does Goldie find in the glove compartment of Kurt's car, which makes her think he's cheating?

Kurt's best friend, "Bad Billy Pratt," says which of these genius lines?

"Overboard" takes place in the fictitious town of Elk Cove, OR, but where was the film actually shot?

After Goldie rediscovers who she is and returns to the yacht, what bachelor meal does Kurt make for dinner?

What kind of drinking does Goldie teach the crew of the yacht?

When Kurt decides to get Goldie back, what does he use to get out to her yacht?

When Goldie returns to her true husband, Grant, what does he say he was doing in her absence?

What iconic garment is Goldie wearing when she jumps off the boat to reunite with Kurt?

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