How Well Do You Know the 1980's Top Songs?

By: John Miller
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Leg warmers and neon fashion weren’t the only iconic contributions the 1980's had in pop culture. The '80s also had some of the most memorable, and sometimes scandalous, pop songs we still sing today no matter which generation you belong to. By the way, this quiz is even more fun listening to your favorite '80s songs!

Who sang the No. 1 hit "Rapture," which featured a nifty, newfangled rap section?

Which male-dominated band sang "Every Breath You Take," which was No. 1 for eight weeks?

"When Doves Cry" was the No. 1-selling song of 1984. Which artist created it?

Tommy and Gina have a passionate love affair in "Livin' on a Prayer," which was sung by ______.

The music video showed the women in this band stomping around in a funny dance. Who sang "Walk Like an Egyptian"?

Which teeny-bopper female singer covered Tommy James and the Shondells' "I Think We're Alone Now," and generated a No. 1song?

Which celebrity singer gained even bigger fame thanks to a pop hit titled "Physical"?

You have to wonder … did he finally find it? Who sang "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For"?

Which 80s icons encouraged their former lovers to "Look Away"?

Which decidedly non-virginal singer got even more famous with a song called "Like a Virgin"?

Which 80s legend cut loose in 1984's "Footloose," which was used in the movie of the same name?

Which Peter sang the ultra-romantic ballad "Glory of Love"?

In 1988, which singer said that we all gotta have "Faith"?

Which 80s songstress soared along during "The Wing Beneath My Wings"?

She was a sister to the biggest hit maker of the 80s, and she had a big one, too, called "I Miss You Much."

Which famously fake group told their fans to "Blame It on the Rain"?

Which sunglasses-wearing celebrity sang "Got My Mind Set on You"?

Which city-named band sang about a beautiful woman named "Amanda"?

It was just "Another Day in Paradise" for which bald-headed singer in 1989?

The fashion-model-saturated video for "Addicted to Love" became a huge hit on MTV in 1986. Who sang the song?

Which R&B queen sang "That's What Friends Are For," the No. 1 song of 1986?

Unrequited love took new lows in "Jessie's Girl," which was sung in a pitch-perfect manner by which heartthrob?

The blonde leader of which band sang the soaring "Listen to Your Heart," a song that is NOT about a cardiac arrest?

The music video for this song featured a half-naked model on a car hood. Which band sang "Here I Go Again"?

Which band wanted you to take your "Broken Wings" and learn to fly again?

Which band sang that "We Built This City" on rock 'n' roll?

Which sexy duo sang the earworm titled "Islands in the Stream"?

Which sort of creepy stalker guy is going to be "Right Here Waiting" for you?

Which big-haired heroes are going to give you some "Bad Medicine"?

When life is too much, which 80s star wants you to just "Roll With It"?

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