How Many Car Parts Can You Actually Name?

By Staff Writer on June 20, 2018

About This Quiz

For many of us, the beauty of cars lies in their overall looks. Those smooth lines are all designed with an ultimate goal in mind. Even the early car designers realized that if their cars looked beautiful, they would sell. And that's true today as well. 

But what about the internal workings of a motor vehicle? Do you know all those hundreds and thousands of parts that work in unison to make a car tick? Or move when you press a pedal! Isn't it amazing that even before the dawn of the 20th Century, engineers and mechanics had worked out a way to make all of these parts, big and small, work together to give us possibly the most important invention since the wheel itself?

And for every person who loves a car for the way it looks, there is a person who loves cars for the way they are a sum of their parts. For these grease monkeys, the smell of a garage, a set of tools and an open hood is all they need to be in heaven! Now they know their car parts, but do you?

In this quiz, we are going to test your knowledge of various parts found in the car, in the engine and transmission specifically. With a single image, will you be able to name them?

Good luck!

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