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You don't need to be a world-class traveler to do well here. We've collected paradise images that have been repeatedly photographed and advertised. We want to know if you've retained a good memory of the seaside cities that you'll see. Prepare your mind for awesome thoughts of fun, sun and travel on this digital adventure!

Just about every beach town on the planet has a special something that distinguishes it from all the others. Quy Nhon offers an air of mysterious seclusion that's particular to Vietnam. South Padre Island, Texas, is synonymous with golf and leisure. Rhode Island's Block Island has the best migratory bird populations in all of New England. Maryland's seaside towns are known for cooking up the best cuisine of any east U.S. shore town. 

Distinctive attributes keep millions of visitors coming back to these destinations year after year or all year round, as with Rehoboth Beach in Delaware. This East Coast U.S. beach city has conjured up a plethora of year-round events, such as the Sea Witch Festival, to keep Rehoboth fans happy and the tourist dollars flowing. Rehoboth runs its tourist hub so seamlessly that thousands of travelers return for the same chocolate conventions, puppy shows, art exhibits or music festivals.

There's so much sightseeing to do and activities to read about in this quiz. Clear your calendar to log some serious vacation time after getting inspired by the beach city locales you'll identify!

Do you know the location of this beach town in the southern Apulia region?

On Italy's boot-shaped map, Puglia is the heel and Sicily is the toe. Hidden beaches, baroque architecture and fine Primitivo wine are the main draws of this rocky seaside city. The Salento peninsula is filled with olive groves and small hamlets.


Name this Pacific Ocean sea town?

Cabo San Lucas might seem like a United States appendage, but the beach city is a Mexican territory. Known for its natural beauty, Cabo San Lucas offers visitors a variety of sightseeing tours, as well as sporting activities, such as snorkeling, surfing and scuba diving.


Where did a massive 1960 earthquake destroy many of this town's ancient sites?

Remnants of a 16th-century kasbah lie just outside of Agadir, Morocco. Sunshine-drenched Agadir boasts cosmopolitan shopping centers and daily markets, where vendors peddle everything from rare herbs and spices to fine leather goods and carpets.


Do you know the area of the world made famous by the 1966 cult-classic film, "Endless Summer"?

Located approximately 30 miles from Hamilton, Raglan is home to New Zealand's best ocean breaks. For the world's elite surfers, Raglan is a sanctuary of waves. Regular visitors have the opportunity to learn the sport at one of the local surf shops.


This locale is known for good food. Where is it located?

Recognized as the cruise ship hub of the Philippines, Boracay Island is also home to luxury amenities and fine dining. A white sandy coastline borders the island's crystal clear blue waters.


Identify the locale that harbors one of the longest wooden piers in Europe?

Sopot is a famous beach resort city in Poland located between Gdansk and Gdynia. Gothic-styled Gdansk is lined with narrow, curvy streets. Gdynia, a former fishing village, features more the modern architecture of the '20s and '30s.


In 1578, King Sebastian left from ________ to seize control of Morocco?

Located two miles from downtown Lagos, Praia de Dona Ana, or Dona Ana's Beach, of Faro District, Portugal, is a quiet beach town that boasts beautiful grottoes. The beach's rock formations emerge from emerald green water.


Where can you find Maori shrines and canoes?

Of the 15 Cook Islands, Rarotonga is the biggest and most accessible. Up until the 1970s, fishing and agriculture were the basis of the region's economy. Tourism boomed after a runway in Rarotonga was extended in 1974 to accommodate large aircraft.


Choose the Black Sea beach located roughly 80 miles east of a capital city?

Spanning some six miles long, Mamaia of Constanta is one of the largest beach resorts in all of Europe. Romania's summer destination was established in 1906 when the country erected tourist spots along a stretch of land between Lake Siutghiol and the Black Sea.


Where are children taught French and English in preparation for their country's tourism jobs?

Tourism generates one quarter of the annual gross national product of Seychelles, which is located approximately 1,000 miles east of mainland Africa. The flora-drenched island destination only allows 150,000 visitors per year in an effort to attract the most affluent travelers.


What region of the world is famous for late-night nasi lemak supper haunt?

Changi Village is an old fishing village 10 minutes away from the hustle and bustle of downtown Singapore. The area, which offers a combination of beach and city activities, accommodates a large influx of Chinese travelers every year.


Some say that the best beaches are on the Atlantic side of ________.

Cape Town, South Africa, was established on a bay where two of the world's largest water bodies, the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean, merge. On the Atlantic side, Llandudno Beach is one of South Africa's top surfing destinations.


Do you recall the place Picasso left in 1891, when he was 10 years old?

There are more than 20 museums in Malaga, Spain, a beach town that showcases a mix of ancient ruins and 21st-century structures. The walls of Alcazaba, built by Arab monarchs around 711 A.D., are the area's most famous marker.


Name this expensive destination?

Tourist dollars from the United States make up 50 percent of Tahiti's total tourism revenue. Located 10 minutes from the airport, Papeete is the capital of French Polynesia and home to roughly 24,000 inhabitants.


How well do you recognize the beach city that has a historical connection with Arabia?

Zanzibar is Tanzania's premier tourist hub. In former times, the Sultans of Zanzibar ruled most of East Africa's territories. Zanzibar was one of Africa's major trading ports where goods were transported to Arabia, Europe and the Americas.


Among the choices, can you find the name of this place that's consistently ranked as a top travel region?

In 2015, Phuket Thailand attracted 12.5 million tourists and generated more than $9 million U.S. China has been a tremendous source of travelers to the region. In particular, Chinese students have been attracted to Phuket's visa-friendly policies and affordability.


Tourism is on the rise here. Can you recognize this beach?

Turkey's civil unrest has slowed growth in the country's tourism sector, yet investors have expressed interest in available real estate. Seaside resort towns, such as Alanya, Patara and Cirali offer visitors assorted holiday experiences, including resort-style and boutique hotel accommodations.


In 1512, Ponce de Leon made a stop in ________ during his Fountain of Youth quest.

Providenciales, also called Provo, is the go-to vacation spot of the inhabited islands of Turks and Caicos. Provo is a relaxation zone, as nightlife and shopping are not as popular as the area's white powdery beaches and deep blue tranquil waters.


Have you figured out the town that boasts the largest strip of unbroken beach in the world?

Recognized as the tourist capital of Bangladesh, Cox's Bazar is lined with a beach that stretches for nearly 75 miles. The destination features hillocks, Buddhist temples and decorative pagodas.


You'll need to take a 45-minute water taxi to access which beach zone?

Walking and bicycling are the two main ways of getting around Caye Caulker, a modestly developed Belize locale where houses are painted in bright colors. Experienced divers access underwater caves at Blue Hole, a limestone sinkhole not too far away.


Can you guess the city that installed slip-proof beach pathways for disabled people?

The non-slip access pathways are called Mobi-Mats and have been installed at area beaches, such as Kitsilano Beach and English Bay Beach in Vancouver. Kitsilano is where the environmentalist organization Greenpeace was launched.


There are several spots in ________ where you can swim year round.

Tranquil waters and white grains of sand distinguish Hong Kong's Repulse Bay Beach from other area beaches, such as Stanley, Sheko-O and the Lido. Honk Kong reopened many of its beaches in 2018 after the completion of necessary repair of facilities that were damaged by a typhoon.


Nightclubs are the prime attraction here. Can you ID this place?

Located on the southeastern region of Cyprus, Ayia Napa has nightclubs that stay open past sunrise. Ayia Napa is named for a 16th-century monastery that's embedded in the middle of the party city.


Do you know the place that's a remnant of European colonialism?

Capitan Cook stumbled upon New Caledonia in 1774; some say that the mountainous landscape reminded him of Scotland. New Caledonia's capital of Noumea is a resort town located on a dry peninsula at the southwest coast of Grand Terre, New Caledonia's main island.


There's 1,740 miles of coastline in ________.

Brittany's seaside sights include the old town of Concarneau, the pristine beaches at Ploumanac'h and the Crozon Peninsula. Brittany's annual music festival at Quimper is a highly anticipated event.


Where on Earth might the sound of a Muslim mosque's last call to prayer mingle with live reggae music?

Considered one of the world's best halal tourism destinations, Lombok has a 90 percent Muslim population. Hindu-dominant Bali is not too far away from Lombok, where practically every building has a prayer room.


Select the beach city that's 50 miles southeast of Mobile?

The Alabama gulf shore caters to family-oriented vacation activities. A large flock of birds calls the white sandy beaches of this southern beach locale home. Further along the coast, at the opening of Mobile Bay, is Fort Morgan, which has served as a defense citadel during wartime.


Have you figured out where you can find a "tile wall"?

Capitola's "tile wall" is comprised of hundreds of ceramic tiles painted by residents. Established in the 1860s, Capitola, California, is a surf town with a Mediterranean vibe. The beach forms at the mouth of Soquel Creek.


What do you name this place that features year-round events?

Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, began as a Methodist retreat locale. Today, all types of festivals, ranging in theme from film and jazz to chocolate and gumbo, attract a plethora of visitors throughout the year. The celebrated Sea Witch Festival happens every autumn.


Residents have coined a certain posture in ________.

According to area residents, the "Sanibel stoop" is the posture of visitors who bend to search for seashells along the island's beaches. Eleven miles of the beach strip at Sanibel is private access only. The island's public beaches are Lighthouse Beach Park and Bowman's Beach.


Try to guess the location whose name is based on a Native American term for salt?

Tybee Island is the closest beachfront to Atlanta. A road was installed in the 1920s connecting the island to mainland Georgia. The island pier is the main attraction where most of the vending takes place.


There are endangered birds that nest on the beaches at ________.

Ogunquit, Maine, features two miles of flat and wide beach coastland. To help deter harassment of the plover bird population, there is a no dogs policy at the New England beach from April 1 to September 30.


Can you determine the beach town that's known for great food?

Founded more than 140 years ago, Ocean City, Maryland, includes a wide range of activities beyond its 2.25-mile boardwalk. Stretching for 14 miles, the city's carnival offers water slides, miniature golf, jet-skiing and other thrills.


Can you guess the sea region regarded as an "Art Coast"?

Considered a top tourist destination since the early 1900s, Saugatuck sits on the freshwater coast of Lake Michigan and the Kalamazoo River. A 600-foot-tall dune called Mount Baldhead is one of many mounds in the area.


Lifeguards have patrolled ________ since the 1930s.

Wrightsville Beach is just minutes away from Wilmington, North Carolina. Wrightsville has a strong lifeguard presence to protect visitors who trek gently sloping sandy beaches, or swim and surf the waters.


During the winter of 1805 and 1806, frontiersmen Lewis and Clark journeyed to the coastal region of ________.

Cannon Beach, Oregon, is a four hour drive from Seattle. Safeguarded as an Oregon Islands National Wildlife Refuge and Marine Garden, Haystack Rock is the town's famous landmark, posted 235 feet from the coastline's edge.


Is it a challenge for you to decide the beach town that measures just 11 square miles?

Located 12 miles off Rhode Island's coast, Block Island has been a tourist favorite since the 19th century. The area receives some of the best migratory bird populations in New England.


Can you guess the coastal destination that golfers enjoy?

Isle of Palms, South Carolina, is half an hour from Charleston. Between the two tourist destinations, visitors spend a bulk of their time doing any number of activities, including golfing or visiting the USS Yorktown aircraft carrier at Patriots Point.


Can you identify the location that has been voted a top spot for family vacations?

Horseback riding, bird watching and golfing are just a few of the activities offered at South Padre Island. Blue Gulf of Mexico waters collide with the island's white sand beaches facing east.


Where on the planet do old Buddhist pagodas and Champa civilization antiquities share space?

Prior to 1945, the wife of feudal ruler Bao Dai, Queen Nam Phuong, enjoyed total seclusion while vacationing at Quy Nhon. These days, the beach town is the go-to destination for travelers who prefer a less-frequented vacation zone than other area hot spots.


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