How High Would You Rank in the Navy?

By Zoe Samuel on May 03, 2018

About This Quiz

The United States Navy has been around since the earliest days of the republic. Evolving from a loose assortment of privateers issued letters of marque to an organized fleet of nuclear powered floating cities saw the creation of a hierarchy in the navy, one that ensures not only discipline but the handling of the many responsibilities of the 21st-century navy, including its Cyber Command.

If you just want to be a sailor, it's not too difficult to make it into the navy, but if you really want to go places in your career, then you need a combination of virtues and a willingness to just go ahead and break things when you need to. Being nice alone won't get you where you want to be in the navy, but without your subordinates taking a shine to you, your ability to maintain command will depend entirely on stick, not carrot. Being an efficient officer is about bringing the right personality characteristics, technical qualifications, and natural abilities to bear.

How far would you go in the navy? Would you sail the seven seas? Would you put your mind at ease? Would you climb the ranks all the way to to the top? Find out with this quiz!

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