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Social media is taking the world by storm with its emergence as a very powerful factor, affecting the way we communicate and touching every aspect of our personal and business lives. For the baby boomers and Generation Y, it may be difficult to remember but the usage and existence of social networking tools date back to 1978, as a means of sharing information and of course, communication.

Four decades later, these networked communication channels have evolved into interactive online platforms with the ‘likes’ of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, and many others, enabling users to create content on personal and business pages through posting, sharing of photos, events, and videos. Online activities such as instant messages, chatting, gaming, webcasting, and blogging have seen immense growth over the years. In the business society, it is a valuable tool for marketers who reach the billions of registered users of these social media sites.

Social media determines what is considered socially acceptable and thus continues to grow tremendously, whilst influencing mass cultural exchanges and intercultural communication. With the development of new catchphrases from LOL to YOLO to hashtags, social media has altered the linguistics and communication etiquette of the youth in a way the world cannot comprehend. But can you comprehend all the lingo and do you know how to 'like' something? Take this quiz to SHYD!

It’s the one where we “like” posts and “unfriend” people in our contact list.

Facebook already has more than1 billion accounts on it. Whether these are duplicates or organic numbers are rather hard to guesstimate...


It’s currently the most popular microblogging platform where we send out “tweets” to our followers.

Twitter users are about 300 million plus already. It's a manageable way of sending info bits.


It’s the platform where professionals and businesses connect with each other.

There are about 100 million active users in a given month on LinkedIn. Recruiters now have an easier time headhunting talent through this platform.


It’s the one where we post pictures cropped into square frames.

Instagram used to be exclusive for Apple's iPhone users, but good thing they also developed it for the Android market.


It’s the younger people’s preference for capturing the moment and discarding them later.

Snapchat is more of a visual platform where people tell stories through photo essays. The younger population are mostly here.


It’s the audiovisual platform where people can create and subscribe to channels.

YouTube is now utilized by both amateurs and professionals interested, to broadcast audiovisual content to the world. It's effective!


The shortened term we use for executable programs installed in our mobile devices.

Apps are actually applications. Yep, this is what we call these programs.


The worldwide chat and call service app, where you can make conference calls in voice mode or video chat mode.

Skype is now utilized as a popular face-to-face chat platform. Even news organizations use this for remote interviews.


Before everyone was on Facebook back in 2008-2009, everyone was on this similar social networking platform, to find lots of pals and peers.

Friendster served its purpose in the early to late 2000s, the way Facebook is serving it now. It was fun while it lasted...


The earliest platform that allowed people to publish written content WYSIWYG style online, anytime, without the aid of a gatekeeper.

There are many blog platforms available out there. Some even have an app version for easier posting.


Today’s current popular dating app where you swipe left or swipe right.

Tinder is popular for singles of all persuasions. It's useful for both heterosexuals and LGBTs.


It’s the date app popular with gay guys all around the world.

Grindr is more of a location-sourcing app wherein you can see people who are around you. And yes, the objective is to hook up.


Yahoo used to have a popular chat platform. What was it called?

YM or Yahoo Messenger was an important early platform of chat messaging. Too bad it had to die down.


Thanks to Instagram and immediate social media posting, this term of taking a photo of one’s self became a household term already.

The Oxford dictionary recently certified the word "selfie" as legit. Language evolves, sure.


Twitter started with how many characters allowed per tweet?

Twitter's 140 character limit trained people to be more curt and also straight to the point. That's why some don't like its current expansion.


When you post an inquiry to hopefully get the opinions and recommendations of your social media contacts, what is that process called?

Crowdsourcing means people asking their contacts for personal or professional recommendations. But if people just crowdsource to ask and ask questions, sometimes it's tempting to comment "Google it first!"


It’s the blog platform that started behaving like a social networking platform when it allowed people to reblog posts of people they follow.

Tumblr surprisingly has more than 500 million active users in a given month; That's a lot of blog posts/reposts.


It’s the stand-alone chat app of Facebook.

FB Messenger is a stand-alone app for instant messaging. But hello FB, it was fine within the platform before it became like this.


It’s the popular photo-sharing platform for people serious in photography, since they can upload and share bigger sized files here.

Flickr is basically a photo-sharing website. People also have the option to download photos in larger formats.


Before FB burst into the scene, this is one popular social networking platform where people can upload multiple types of content in one specific area that they could call their own.

MySpace was primarily used by younger people who wanted to upload music. A lot of budding artists started like that here.


When something gets shared so many times and becomes popular in the process, what is the term used for this kind of popularity?

No matter how icky it sounds, "to go viral" means it's a good thing. That means your content is spreading... but not sickeningly, though.


It’s what people say in social networking sites when they want to be contacted one on one.

PM me or "private message me" and DM, "direct message" are the newer ways of saying talk to me one on one. On Twitter, people also say "DM me."


He’s the Harvard guy who invented Facebook, controversially.

Mark Zuckerberg was the subject of a biography that became the basis for the movie The Social Network. It's an interesting take on how FB came about.


It’s the platform where users get to vote on the quality/popularity of the content other users post there, and the votes are used as the gauge of each content’s upward or downward movement on the topic lists.

About 200 million active users subreddit on a monthly basis. Reddit is really more like a chat gone longer.


It’s the platform where you can find cool ideas for any kind of project and bookmark them as photos.

Pinterest is popular for craftspersons who like doing DIY kind of projects. It's an interesting take on how people can get a hold of your work without owning them.


It’s one of the most popular instant messaging platforms today, the one with the phone logo inside a circle.

WhatsApp is a popular tool in North America. In different parts of the world, though, they use parallel apps that serve the same purpose.


It’s an app you use if you want to search for a food eatery recommendation, which used to allow you to “check in” to mark your presence in that place.

Foursquare's previous check-in social networking system got a stand-alone app called Swarm. Foursquare is now more useful as a crowdsourced directory of sorts.


This site is heavily used by visual artists who upload their portfolio of works to advertise themselves or to just display their artworks.

DeviantArt is a good site for both art enthusiasts and artist alike. But issues of plagiarism hound the site due to unethical users who steal people's content.


It’s the one where users can post 6-second videos.

Vine is like Instagram. However, it's mostly made up of quickie videos.


The term “social media” was actually an offshoot of the latest categorization of media platforms that involved information and communication technologies. What’s this category?

Social media is actually an offshoot under the newer term "new media," which describes the media in the digital age. Since it's so popular, people now use it as a viable stand-alone category, too.


This mobile app is another popular instant messaging service where people can chat and send pictures, audio files, and photos, plus make calls outside of the platform, too.

When one is not using WhatsApp, one is using Viber. Some regions prefer this one.


Most social networking apps are downloadable in Apple products via this tool. What’s it called?

The App Store is a built-in store in which you need to set up an account to access it. The gadget won't actually be able to access apps without it.


In Android-run mobile platforms, you can download social networking apps using this tool.

The Google Play Store had many incarnations before its current state. However, it's geared more now for recording gaming stats as well.


It’s the platform that allows music lovers to create their own playlists or share their playlists with others, while following certain albums, musicians or themes/topics/genres.

Spotify was a good invention for music lovers. But musicians like Taylor Swift have some issues with it.


Unlike traditional media where content is comes from in-house/within industry providers, social media’s content is said to be of this important characteristic.

Social media content relies heavily on what's known as user-generated content. While the tools might be built in the system, it's how users do with them that counts.


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