Give Us Your GOT Final Season Opinions and We'll Guess How You Wanted It to End

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Spoilers ahead! But honestly, if you haven't seen "Game of Thrones" season eight yet, or GoT at all, what are you doing with your life? It became a thing not to watch the show because it made people feel cool or different, but those people missed out on something really special. For all eight seasons, there were high highs and even lower lows. When it was announced that there would only be 13 episodes between the last two seasons, fans were shaken. How could they possibly wrap up the show in just 13 episodes? Well, they definitely did it, but not all fans were happy.

The most common comments on the final season were that it felt rushed and not thought out. The Starbucks cup left in one scene and a water bottle left in another didn't help. But you can't say that storylines weren't wrapped up and characters didn't meet their end. Whether or not it was the end they should have met is still up for debate. We want to hear all about your season eight "Game of Thrones" opinions. The good, the bad and the ugly. Do that for us, and we'll guess how you actually wanted the show to end!

What was your initial reaction to seeing Jon Snow and Daenerys making their way to Winterfell?

Were you shocked when Cersei asked Bronn to kill Jaime and Tyrion?

How did you honestly feel about Cersei and Euron getting together?

Theon saving Yara was one of the few heartwarming moments of the season. Did you feel all warm and fuzzy?

When Jon mounted the dragon for the first time, were you shaken?

What did you think would happen when Jaime Lannister made his return to Winterfell?

The reunion between Arya and the Hound was a big one. Was it everything you wanted?

Should Sansa and Daenerys have supported each other as women in power?

How many tissues did you need when Brienne was knighted?

Were you holding your breath waiting for the White Walkers to make their move?

Did you cheer when you thought Lyanna was dead, but then she made sure to stab the Giant right in the eye before taking her final breath?

The Internet predicted a lot of moments from the final season, but how did you react when the skeletons in the crypt rose from the dead?

How frustrating was it when the Night King survived the fire blast?

Melisandre came in so clutch in the final season. Did her actions change your overall view of her?

The Night King was finally obliterated by none other than Arya Stark herself. Did you see that coming at all?

How hard was it for you to watch Missandei being beheaded?

There was a lot of intimacy this season, between Brienne and Jaime and Arya and Gendry. Did you support those couplings?

Daenerys's long time confidant, Jorah, was killed off in the final season. Did his death do his character justice?

Did Jon make the right decision telling Dany about his true identity?

When Dany was on Drogon at King's Landing, did you really think she'd burn them all?

Were you at all sad when Daenerys executed Lord Varys?

Was the Cleganebowl necessary?

Even if she didn't meet the death she should have, how relieved were you when Cersei was gone for good?

To lighten things up a bit, let's talk about the hug between Jaime and Tyrion. How did it make you feel?

When Drogon was burning the entire town including women and children, did you have to cover your eyes?

Jon eventually got exiled back to the Night's Watch after killing Dany. Was that fair?

It seemed odd that Winterfell just gets to be sovereign and not a part of the Seven Kingdoms. Do you wish that was explored for longer than two seconds?

That moment when the crown was put on Sansa's head was a win for the Starks. What did you feel in that moment?

Did Bran becoming King come out of nowhere for you?

Now that you've had some time to digest the whole season, what are you genuine thoughts?

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