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Many movies that involve Thanksgiving all have one thing in common – family. It's the time to spend with your loved ones! Think you remember these Thanksgiving movies? Take the quiz to find out!

In the movie "Planes, Trains and Automobiles," what city were Neal and Del trying to get to?

In the movie "Planes, Trains and Automobiles," Neal and Del were trying to get to Chicago. Neal eventually decided to invite Del over to his house for Thanksgiving since he did not have any family with which to celebrate.


Is it true or false that Del, from "Planes, Trains and Automobiles" had no family to celebrate Thanksgiving with?

Del had no family to celebrate Thanksgiving with because his wife had passed away a few years before the events of the movie. Neal was kind enough to invite Del over to his house for Thanksgiving.


In "Garfield's Thanksgiving," who did Jon invite over for Thanksgiving dinner?

Jon invited Liz over for Thanksgiving dinner. Unfortunately, he had some trouble while trying to prepare the dinner, since he didn't know how to cook a turkey.


In the movie "Scent of a Woman," what did Frank guess about a woman whom he had met?

In the movie "Scent of a Woman," Frank correctly guessed the perfume that a woman named Christine was wearing. He was able to impress her!


Which actor starred as Del Griffith in the movie, "Trains, Planes and Automobiles?"

John Candy played the role of Del Griffith in "Planes, Trains and Automobiles." The movie saw great success and John Candy was praised for his role. Steve Martin played the role of Neal Page.


In the movie "Son-in-Law," who did Becca invite to her Thanksgiving dinner?

In the movie "Son-in-Law," Becca invited Crawl over for her Thanksgiving dinner. He was the advisor at her dormitory at her college in California, and she invited him because he was going to be alone on Thanksgiving.


In the movie "Home for the Holidays," what does Claudia's daughter do instead of visiting her family with her mother?

Claudia's daughter, Kitt, spent the holidays with her boyfriend instead of going to Baltimore to visit her family with her mother. Kitt was played by Claire Danes.


In the movie "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving," who gave Charlie the idea of having two Thanksgiving dinners?

Linus gave Charlie the idea to have two Thanksgiving dinners. Patty had invited herself to Charlie's Thanksgiving dinner, leaving him undecided on what to do. Thankfully, Linus was there to help!


In the movie "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving," who snapped off the biggest piece of the wishbone?

While snapping the wishbone with Snoopy, Woodstock ended up snapping off the biggest piece. Woodstock and Snoopy enjoyed a large feast on Thanksgiving.


In the movie "Home for the Holidays," where does Claudia travel to in order to spend Thanksgiving with her family?

Claudia travels to Baltimore to visit her family over the holidays. She experienced an unfortunate series of events not long before, including losing her job.


Which Thanksgiving movie covers three different Thanksgiving celebrations over the span of three years?

The movie is "Hannah and Her Sisters." The movie is about three sisters who look to find love and happiness. The viewer is able to see the girls' backstories and how they came to be where they were at that point in time.


In the movie "Hannah and Her Sisters," what was Holly addicted to?

Holly was addicted to drugs in "Hannah and Her Sisters." She was able to break the addiction and start a business with her friend.


In "Soup's On," with whom did Donald Duck have Thanksgiving dinner?

In "Soup's On," Donald Duck had dinner with his nephews, Huey, Duey, and Louie. While his nephews washed up for dinner, Donald did the cooking.


Which movie follows a lawyer who is taught to have more compassion towards others around the Thanksgiving season?

The movie is "A Family Thanksgiving." Claudia, who had a court case to deal with the day after Thanksgiving, asked that all of her employees work on Thanksgiving Day. She was taught to be more compassionate by a woman named Gina.


Who played Gina in the movie "A Family Thanksgiving"?

Faye Dunaway played Gina in "A Family Thanksgiving." She helped Claudia to see the value of her family and friends during the holiday season.


Which Thanksgiving movie is based off of a song of the same name?

The movie is called "Alice's Restaurant." Arlo Guthrie sang the song, and also played a role in the movie. He was arrested after throwing garbage on the ground near the dump that was closed.


Can you finish the name of the Thanksgiving movie? "Scent of a _________."

The name of the movie is "Scent of a Woman." It follows a student who takes on a job over Thanksgiving. He meets a man who is blind, and they go on an adventure together.


In the movie "The House of Yes," who did Marty bring along with him to Thanksgiving dinner?

Marty brought along his fiancée, Lesly. His family had no idea that he was getting married, and they had never met Lesly. Lesly was in for a big surprise when she arrived at their house.


In the movie "The House of Yes," who was Marty's sister, Jacqueline, obsessed with?

Marty's sister was obsessed with Jackie Kennedy. Her family called her "Jackie O" after the former First Lady. She also gave Lesly some interesting information about Marty.


Which movie follows four different families and their very different Thanksgiving celebrations?

The movie is "What's Cooking?" The four families in the movie have very different Thanksgiving celebrations and deal with their problems within the family.


Which movie has a turkey change the outcome of Thanksgiving?

The movie, "Free Birds," changes the outcome of Thanksgiving. Reggie was sent back in time to change Thanksgiving so that instead of eating turkey, people would enjoy a pizza.


In "Garfield's Thanksgiving," what does the veterinarian tell Jon he has to do with Garfield?

In "Garfield's Thanksgiving," the vet told Jon that he had to put Garfield on a diet. Garfield was very distraught after finding out about the diet, especially the day before Thanksgiving.


Which Thanksgiving movie stars Adam Sandler playing the role of twins?

The movie is "Jack and Jill." Jack and Jill were fraternal twins who were reunited during Thanksgiving. The two butted heads quite a few times over the holidays.


In the movie, "Son-in-Law," what did Crawl tell Becca's family during Thanksgiving that angered them?

Crawl told Becca's family during Thanksgiving that he had proposed to her and that she had said yes. They were not impressed with what Crawl had just told them.


Who played Emily in "Love at the Thanksgiving Parade?"

Autumn Reeser played Emily in "Love at the Thanksgiving Parade." She was in charge of planning the parade and making it great for the attendees.


Can you fill in the missing words from this Thanksgiving movie title? "National Lampoon's Holiday ____________."

The movie title is "National Lampoon's Holiday Reunion." It is about two cousins who lead completely different lifestyles as they come together for Thanksgiving dinner.


What did Huey, Duey and Louie make Donald think he was?

Huey, Duey and Louie made Donald think that he was an angel. The little ducks were playing a prank on Donald and dressed him up as the angel.


Which movie follows a woman in her fight to save the Thanksgiving parade?

The movie is "Love at the Thanksgiving Day Parade." Her new coworker was hired to handle the parade's budget, leaving Emily to try to keep the parade's appeal.


Can you fill in the missing part of the movie title? "________________ Thanksgiving Reunion."

The movie title is "A Walton Thanksgiving Reunion." The movie was one of three reunions, the others were "A Walton Easter" and "A Walton Wedding."


Can you fill in the missing words of the movie title? "Pieces of _______."

The title is, "Pieces of April." It is about a girl who invites her family over for Thanksgiving dinner, despite their differences. Her mother was suffering from breast cancer, and April wanted to host her last Thanksgiving.


What did Arlo do to help out Alice?

Arlo threw away Alice's garbage for her, leading to his arrest for littering. Arlo found some luck in court, where a blind judge was not able to see the photos of the garbage, and let him off easy.


In "Pieces of April," where does April live?

In "Pieces of April," April lives in the borough of Manhattan in New York City. Her family traveled to visit her apartment in the city for Thanksgiving.


Which Thanksgiving movie was about a 15-year-old boy who loved an older woman?

The movie was "Tadpole." Oscar loved an older woman, who was his stepmother. By the end of the movie, Oscar and his stepmother realize that there is no way they could be together.


In the movie, "Dutch," who does Dutch drive to Natalie's house?

In the movie, "Dutch," Dutch drives Doyle to Natalie's house for Thanksgiving dinner. Doyle was a student who was upset about his parents' divorce.


Is it true or false that Jack and Jill in the movie "Jack and Jill" are identical twins?

Jack and Jill were fraternal twins. Jack was a very successful advertising executive and Jill was not as successful, but found love at the end of the movie.


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