Do You Know Enough About Cosmetics to Be a Makeup Artist?

By Stella Alexander on May 05, 2018

About This Quiz

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." While this is always true, when it comes to makeup, beauty is usually in the eye of the makeup artist. Many people fail to create the perfect winged liner or sultry smokey eyes, but not the professionals! Much of this comes with a natural talent, but it also comes with years of experience and knowledge. From Pat McGrath to Mario Dedivanovic, do you know enough about cosmetics to be a makeup artist?

The makeup industry is huge. There are dozens of brands and companies releasing hundreds of new products every year. While makeup is a billion dollar industry, But it wasn't always that way. During the late 1900s, women focused on makeup, but there weren't nearly as many products on the market. The classic woman might wear powder foundation, blush, and lipstick, in addition to penciling in her eyebrows. While this might have been enough then, hundreds of other products have since launched. There's bronzers and contour kits. You can't achieve that "natural" glow without a highlighter. Makeup wearers have traded in lipsticks for liquid lipsticks. 

Makeup artists have been forced to learn about all these products, but they've also learned ways to completely transform a person's look. From using the correct primer to cancel out redness to knowing the proper highlight points, do you know enough about cosmetics to be a makeup artist? Let's find out!

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