Design a House and We'll Tell You How Old You Are!

By Teresa M. on January 24, 2018


About This Quiz

We're challenging you to build your virtual dream home! Just about everyone has, at one point or another in their lives, dreamed of having their very own place. A place that was made to all their specifications. A two-story Dutch Colonial? Check! Stainless steel appliances? Check! Marble countertops? Check! A clawfoot tub? Check! We're challenging you to do just this; design your very own house, and in return, we'll tell you how old you are. 

Will your design style say that you're in your early 20s when all that concerns you is how expensive things are and look? Will it reveal that you're in your 30s when you're still worried about style but also a little bit of comfort? Will your choices show that you're in your 40s when you're finally comfortable and almost ready to settle down? Or will your tastes label you a 50-year-old: someone who has seen the world and may just be prepared to see it through the comfort of their built-with-love, comfortable, and cozy home? 

Design a house with all the bells and whistles attached: feel free to go as crazy or as minimalist as you like. Your answers will be analyzed, and we'll tell you just how old you are!

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