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Welcome to Canada, where the people say "eh" and the sun never sets ... at least in some places! If you're going to live in this large country, you'll want to know a thing or two about it before moving. From the laws to the events and history of the country, it can be a bit intimidating to learn! But there are plenty of fun facts to know as well. Think you can handle it?

Canada has been a country for more than 100 years, meaning it has that much history! Starting with the first Prime Minister up to its 23rd Prime Minister and into the future, Canada has been ever evolving. Overall, the country is very accepting and its people are usually kind and happy to help. One other great part about the country is the amazing wildlife that you can witness here and not usually anywhere else in world. There's nothing like watching a moose roam around the country that it is so heavily associated with, or looking at the iconic "V" formation that the Canadian geese fly in.

So, feel like you're an honorary Canadian at heart? Then its time for you to prove all that Canadian knowledge by taking this quiz!

There are 10 provinces, but what are the other three areas called?

The three territories of Canada are the Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut. You may wonder what the differences between a province and a territory might be, and one difference is that the two are handled differently in terms of administration.


A big part of Canadian pop culture, which animal came to fame through a television commercial?

The house hippo is one animal that almost any Canadian will remember! Introduced to the country in 1999, the house hippo was part of an ad for the Concerned Children's Advertisers which gained extreme popularity. Kids at the time fondly look back on this iconic Canadian creature.


One of the most important symbols of the country is what?

The maple leaf is one of the most important official symbols of Canada that there is. It is found on one of the most important representative aspects of the country, the national flag of Canada.


Everyone knows that hockey is one of Canada's national sports, but can you name the other?

Lacrosse is one of the official sports of Canada, specifically, the official summer sport. While hockey might be looked at as one of the most popular sports in the country, lacrosse has its fair share of players as well.


What was the last province to join Canada?

Newfoundland isn't called new for no reason! It's the newest province to join the confederation, which took place in 1949, but its name has also been through a change. It's now officially known as "Newfoundland and Labrador."


After touching down in Canada, you might want to play this Canadian-made game. What is it?

In Montreal, a pair of friends invented this now-iconic game of trivia. Th game proved to be so popular that it has been inducted into the Games Hall of Fame as of the early nineties. It's one more great reason to be proud to be Canadian.


Canada became an official country on what day?

Canada became a country on July 1, 1867. Before this date, Canada was very different and went through many changes upon Confederation. For example, the provinces slowly started being formed.


The capital of Canada is Ottawa, but what building of importance is located there?

Parliament Hill is the base for all government activities in the country. It's where the Prime Minister conducts business and where the House of Commons meets to vote and discuss issues that affect the country.


Which of the following people are not Canadian?

Canada is home to many talented people in all walks of life. Natalie Portman is not from Canada, but rather Israel. Some Canadians are well-known to be from the country, like Justin Bieber for example, while others may not be as closely associated with the country in the minds of others.


If something totals one dollar, what would be easiest to pay with in Canada?

A loonie would be the easiest way to pay, as this equals exactly one dollar. Some Canadian coins can make purchases much easier through these coins. A toonie equals two dollars, and it can be helpful when you just need some change for that morning coffee.


The iconic coffee shop, Tim Horton's has one extremely popular contest each year. What is it?

Roll Up the Rim is one contest that Canadians always look forward to. While it may not be as likely that you'll win a car or money, you can always look forward to winning something smaller like a coffee or a donut.


You could visit this iconic Canadian landmark for a skate in the winter. What is it?

The Rideau Canal is one place that most people love to visit in the winter months. It runs through Ottawa, Ontario, Canada's capital, and it's one of those attractions you have to watch for, as it's sometimes closed due to the ice not being stable enough.


How many branches are there in the Canadian Armed Forces?

One important part of living in Canada is to know who you have protecting you and your fellow Canadians, as well as who works to help others. The three military branches of Canada are the Canadian Army, the Royal Canadian Navy and the Royal Canadian Air Force.


One official language of Canada is English, but what is the other?

When living in Canada, it can be helpful to know a little bit of French here and there. However, if you visit Canada and you're from France or another French-speaking country, then you will probably notice some differences in the French spoken here.


Back to Canadian commercials, what were the commercials known as "Heritage Minutes" used for?

Heritage Minutes are an important part of Canadian television, reminding Canadians of their heritage and their past. It featured many important and influential Canadians from Jacques Cartier to Laura Secord.


Which of the following is a law in Canada?

The Apology Act was put in place in 2009, making the stereotype that Canadians always apologize a little more real. In court, it was once possible to be found guilty for apologizing, but since this act, it no longer means that you're admitting your guilt.


If you're looking for something to do yearly in Calgary, you can attend this world-famous what?

People who have visited the Calgary Stampede will tell you that there's nothing else like it! It's truly a cowgirl or cowboy's dream. Each year over a million attendees show up to the world-renowned event.


Who represents the Queen within Canada?

The Governor General plays an important role in Canada, representing the Queen in all matters. One of the most important matters is giving Royal Assent, which is an approval for laws within the country.


Money is important to every country. Which of the following organizations is responsible for creating the money used within Canada?

The Royal Canadian Mint id responsible for creating the money that Canadians use every day. Aside from the typical loonies and toonies, the Mint also provides specialty coins that celebrate certain occasions.


The biggest mall in the country is located where?

Edmonton is home to the West Edmonton Mall, which is not only the biggest shopping mall in Canada, but also in North America. It's one place you have to visit at least once in your lifetime, or every day if you choose to live in Edmonton!


Which of the following is a luxury that Canadians have?

Free health care is a great benefit for Canadian citizens, but there are some aspects that are not covered by universal health care. For example, dental care is not covered for free by the Canadian health care plan.


If you're going to Calgary, then you'll want to prepare for this weather phenomenon. What is it?

The Chinook winds are like nothing you've ever experienced before. You could be wearing a jacket, but when he winds come up, you might take your jacket off! This is because the winds have a way of warming up the air in the west.


Which product comes in bags in some provinces to the surprise of most people?

Much to the surprise of the rest of the world, in certain places in Canada you can get milk in bags instead of a carton. Places where this is usually available are Ontario and British Columbia, but it can sometimes be found in other places also.


Of the 10 provinces in the country, the largest province in Canada is which one?

Quebec is the largest province in the country by far. It's over 1.6 million square kilometers, while the smallest province in contrast is Prince Edward Island. The size of PEI is a small 5,000 square kilometers.


Canada isn't without its mythical creatures! What is said to live in Lake Okanagan?

The Ogopogo is a monster according to Canadian legend which lives in Lake Okanagan, British Columbia. In short, it's most often described as the Canadian Loch Ness monster as it is said to live underwater.


The first prime minister of the country was who?

Sir John A. Macdonald became the first prime minister of the country in 1867 and ended up in office twice during his life. Before coming to Canada, he was a lawyer who lived in Scotland. He is of great importance to the country as he was the first of the many leaders in charge.


So, you know Canada is known for one of its official languages, French, but one city in Canada is known to be one of the largest French-speaking cities. Can you name it?

Montreal is primarily French-speaking, but bilingual individuals make up even more of the population. So if Montreal is the city of your dreams, it would be best to read up and study some French if you're not as familiar with it!


Why is the Northwest Territories called "The Land of the Midnight Sun?"

The Northwest Territories is unique in many ways, but one important thing about the territory is that it is known to have sun at almost all times of the day and night during the summer months. That can make bedtime a little more confusing for most!


One of these poems is extremely important in Canada. Which is it?

Written by John McCrae during World War I, the poem is one that is very common to hear on Nov. 11, which is Remembrance Day in Canada. The poem speaks of the poppies, which are a symbol of respect and remembrance of the troops who fought on behalf of Canada.


If you're planning a trip across Canada, what is one road you'll likely be taking at some point?

It's likely that if you ever plan a trip from one place in Canada to another, you'll likely pass on the Trans-Canada Highway. It keeps each of the 10 provinces connected to one another and makes it much easier to travel.


Now, it's time to see if you can speak Canadian. In which of the following sentences is "eh" used incorrectly?

"Eh" can be used in countless ways. Most commonly, you'll hear it after a sentence, often used when the speaker is looking for agreement or when asking a question. It's arguably the most famous word associated with Canada, so it's important to know how it is used if you're planning on living here.


Canada is vast and spacious. How many national parks are there?

Canada has a relatively small population for the amount of land within the country. This means that there is so much natural beauty to explore. The national parks are just one place that you can explore, but they provide one of the greatest opportunities.


If you're moving to Canada, it's important to know what the national anthem is. Can you name it?

Becoming the official anthem of the country in 1980, the song was actually written 100 years before then. Its purpose was also much different, originally meant to be for the occasion of St. John Baptiste.


Which of the following animals are known as a national animal of Canada?

While the other animals here are all important and heavily associated with the country, the beaver is the official national animal. Part of its status as a national animal is because the trading of beaver pelts was a large industry at one time in the country.


If you're moving to Saskatchewan, which of the following won't you have to go through?

Daylight saving time is something that almost all of Canada participates throughout the year. In the summer months, the clocks go ahead by an hour. In the winter, they're set backward by an hour. It's always nice to get that extra hour of sleep in!


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