Can You Spell the Names of the Most Misspelled Cities in America?

By J.P. Naomi on April 30, 2018

About This Quiz

Two things might help you ace this quiz! Either you are a Native American history buff, or you have taken a long road trip around the United States! Or perhaps you're just really good at spelling. Well, times up. We're about to find out if you have what it takes to identify the correct spelling of these commonly misspelled U.S. cities!

From Florida to Arizona, Wyoming to New York, pack your bags because we're taking you to every corner of the country to test your skills. We want to know, is it Schenektady or Schenectady? Is it Asheville or Ashville? And while you'll surely nail some, others will have you second-guessing. Your mind will try to fool you as you ponder the multiple choice options! So, are you ready for this ultimate spelling bee? Or do you need to "use it in a sentence please?"

Ok, "My sister traveled to Ketchikan to fish for salmon."

Ketchikan. K. E. T. C. H. I. K. A. N. Ketchikan.

Very good! You now have only the rest of the quiz to go! Are you smarter than a spelling bee champion? Will you live up to the road-tripper's dream? It's time to face the road signs. Put your visual thinking caps on and get ready to recognize the correct spelling of these difficult city names!

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