Can You Pass This 5 Minute Vocabulary Drill Without a Single Mistake?

By Heather Cahill on May 05, 2018

About This Quiz

Words are an essential aspect of our world. We read them, write them and say them, but how well do we really know them? There are so many words to know, remember and use that it can get difficult when it comes to less common terms. Sure, you know words like "essential," "majestic," and "pentagon," but do you know what "ostracize" means? You might just learn a word you've never heard before on this quiz!

Do you know the definition of "accretion"? Do you know what it means to be under "duress"? What about the meaning of "fortuitous"? Do you know what "bilk" is? Crack open the dictionary and study up on your definitions, you'll need them for this quiz!

Would you know a zephyr if you experienced it? Have you used any tomes throughout your lifetime? Do you know another name for the word "pellucid"? If that's too easy, can you identify a "linchpin"? You'll need to know your synonyms and study up on things that you may have never know had a name!

Maybe you've heard them, maybe you've read them, or maybe they are totally foreign to you. Word Wizards, put your vocabulary to a true test with this quiz!

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