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Led by Colonel Hogan, cunning American prisoners of war outsmart bumbling Nazis episode after episode on "Hogan's Heroes." If you "know nothing" about this classic sitcom, then this quiz will be a challenge. See if you know enough to make Hogan proud.

Which of these code names does Colonel Hogan use when contacting the Allies?

Thanks to a hidden radio antenna in the camp's flagpole, and with the help of Sergeant Kinchloe, Hogan can contact the Allies and help sabotage Nazi Germany's war efforts. Hogan, the Allies and the German underground use storybook-related code names, including Goldilocks, Mama Bear and Papa Bear.


What's the name of the prisoner of war camp?

In the pilot episode, though, it's called Camp 13 instead. The pilot is also the only black-and-white episode of "Hogan's Heroes." CBS started broadcasting almost all of their primetime shows in color during the 1965-66 season, so the rest of the series is in color.


Which of these phrases does Sergeant Schultz often say?

By ignoring most of their efforts to help the Allies, Sergeant Schultz is something of an unlikely friend to Hogan and his men. His motto is simple: "I see nothing. I hear nothing. I know nothing." He also jokingly tells Hogan, "If you ever escape ... be a good fellow and take me with you."


What's the name of the Gestapo officer who often asks, "Who is this man?"

Unlike Sergeant Schultz and Colonel Klink, Major Hochstetter is not amused by Hogan. He often becomes irritated by how casually Hogan stops by Klink's office. Two of his most common lines convey this — "Who is this man?" and "What is this man doing here?"


When the prisoners get into trouble, where are they sent as punishment?

When he thinks a prisoner needs to be disciplined, Colonel Klink sends him to "the cooler." It's a nickname for solitary confinement.


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