Can You Name These Things That Are Found Underwater?

By Craig on March 30, 2018

About This Quiz

It's deep, dark, mysterious... and quite salty as well!

If you want to explore the great unknown, then you don't have to get on a spaceship and blast off to another planet. There is a whole layer of mysterious and largely unexplored locations right here on Earth! Scientists are still discovering new aquatic species to this day. The Earth's oceans are so vast that large areas have yet to be fully explored. In fact, the oceans make up approximately 99 percent of all living space on the planet!

There are over 200,000 known aquatic species today but it has been estimated that over ten times that number of aquatic species are undiscovered; that's over two million species! The further down you go into the deep dark depths of the ocean, the weirder things become. In fact, some of the strangest deep sea creatures can look like what we have always imagined aliens to look like! Creepy right? 

The bounty of our seas mean that we have an endless supply of creatures to choose from for this underwater quiz. So, don't be scared! Channel your inner Captain Nemo, slip into your wet suit, and take a deep breath - and get ready to "bait and tackle" this quiz!

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