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From stretched-out diving catches and free throw-line slam dunks to blue line slapshots, these are the teams that can make you go nuts! Are you a fan who can't get enough of your favorite sports team? Well, how big of a fan are you? Do you think you can name a team from a full or partial logo? This quiz lays out teams from three popular U.S. sports - basketball, baseball and hockey. It's your job to figure out the team from the logo. 

Think it's easy? It's not as easy as you think. From partial logos to states like California that have five baseball, four basketball and three hockey teams, this quiz can get a little confusing. So whether you are from the West Coast and follow the Lakers or Clippers or if you are from the Midwest and follow the Royals or Cardinals, this quiz will run you across the country and make you wonder, do I really know sports at all?

You love these sports and if you can make it through this quiz you'll prove yourself an ace. So, what do you get besides bragging rights? Well, you get some fun facts to show off your expertise or save for Friday trivia night. 

It's time to take your shot and take this quiz!

Can you name this West Coast team by its logo?

While the Golden State Warriors were still a Philadelphia team, on March 2, 1962, Wilt Chamberlin became the first and only player in NBA history (at least, as of the end of the 2015-6 season) to score 100 points in a single game.


Can you identify this Michigan team from its logo?

The Detroit Tigers are one of the original charter members of the American League, which was established in 1901, along with Chicago and Cleveland. Since 1901, the Tigers have won 10 American League Championships and four World Series in 1935, '45, '68 and '84.


Can you name this D.C. team from its team logo?

Playing from the Capital One Arena in Washington DC, the Capitals were established in 1974, forming part of the Metropolitan Division of the Eastern Conference of the NHL. To date, the Capitals have yet to win the prestigious Stanley Cup but boast three Presidents Trophies, all coming in the last eight years. They have also claimed 10 division and one conference championship.


Can you identify the logo of this birdy team?

The Orioles are one of the original charter members of the American League established in 1901. However, before coming to Baltimore in 1953, they spent a year as the Milwaukee Brewers and then moved to St. Louis as the St. Louis Browns for 52 years.


Don't let them ruin your day, can you name this Boston team from its logo?

The Boston Bruins hail from Boston, Massachusetts. They play in the Eastern Conference of the National Hockey League and were established in 1924. The Bruins have won the Stanley Cup on six occasions and also have four conference championships, 25 division championships and two Presidents Trophies to their name. One of their most famous players was Ray Bourque, who played for the team between 1979 and 2000. His number 77 was retired in 2001.


Do you know the name of this Ohio NBA team from a logo?

In 2016, the Cleveland Cavaliers won their first NBA Championship in the franchise's 46-year history. As of the end of the 2015-6 season, this is the longest any team has waited before winning their first one. (The Phoenix Suns have yet to win an NBA Championship, despite being around two years longer.)


Named after law enforcement, can you identify them by their logo?

The Texas Rangers were established in 1961, originally as the Washington Senators. In 1971, the team moved Texas and became the Rangers. While the Rangers have never won a World Series, they did win American League Pennant in 2010 and 2011.


Their big man was Robinson, but do you recognize their logo?

As of the end of the 2015-6 season, the San Antonio Spurs have the highest percentage of wins, at 65.7%. Of course, being established in 1976, they have played thirty years fewer games than the oldest franchises in the NBA.


Can you name this NHL team from its logo?

One of the oldest hockey franchises in the United States, the Detroit Red Wings started out life as the Detroit Cougars between 1926 and 1930. After that, they became the Detroit Falcons for two years before a final name change to the Red Wings in 1932.


Can you name this Canadian team from its logo?

The Toronto Bluejays share their color with Toronto's other two sport's franchises: the Maple Leafs and Argonauts. The team was created as an expansion franchise in 1977, originally owned by Labatt Brewing Company, makers of Labatt's Blue.


Don't let them leaf you behind. Can you name this team from its logo?

One of the original six franchises of the NHL, the Maple Leafs are also one of the most successful. They were founded in 1917 as the Toronto Arenas and won the Stanley Cup in their first year. In 1919, their name changed to the Toronto St. Patricks with another Stanley Cup victory following in 1921/1922. In 1927 they became the Maple Leafs. In their current guise, the team has won an additional 11 Stanley Cups. The last came in the 1966/1967 season. They have also won five divisional championships. All Maple Leaf home games are played at the Air Canada Centre.


Can you name this Midwest team by their logo?

The red tips on the horns of the logo for the Chicago Bulls aren't just for looks -- they represent blood.


Can you name this Missouri team from their logo?

The Kansas City Royals were a 1969 expansion team. As an expansion team, they have been one of the most successful, with four American League Pennants and two World Series championships in 1985 and 2015.


Can you name this NHL team's logo?

One of the original six franchises at the formation of the NHL, the New York Rangers were formed in 1926 and are currently one of three ice hockey teams in the city. They were the first US-based franchise to win the coveted Stanley Cup and have done so on four occasions in total. They have also won three Presidents Trophies, two conference and 8 division championships. The Rangers play in the Metropolitan Division of the Eastern Conference of the NHL.


They have the big green wall, but do you know who they are by their logo?

The Boston Red Sox are an original charter member of the 1901 American League baseball expansion. They have been playing in Fenway Park since 1912, making the stadium the oldest in baseball. From its quirky renovations ​to its modest size, Fenway is considered one of the stadiums every baseball fan should visit.


They are known for a Bird, but do you recognize their logo?

As of the end of the 2015-6 season, the Boston Celtics have the most NBA Championships, with 17 titles. They have also played the most games: 5,501.


This is the hockey state, but can you name them from their logo?

Founded in 2000, the Wild play in the Central Division of the Western Conference of the NHL. At present, their only major achievement is when they were crowned divisional champions in the 2007/2008 season. They currently play out of the Xcel Energy Center and are owned by Craig Leipold.


Can you identify the logo of this '90s dynasty?

From Boston to Milwaukee and then Atlanta, the Braves are baseball's longest continuously operated franchise. They may also have had ten different names over the years. While the team had seen success throughout its long history, it wasn't until the 1990s when they achieved coveted dominance in baseball with five National League Pennants and a World Series.


It's a bit hot down there, can you name this team?

On choosing the Miami Heat's crowd-sourced name, founding general partner Zev Bufman said, "The Heat was it. When you think of Miami, that's what you think of."


Can you identify which Chi-town team is represented by this logo?

The Chicago White Sox were an original charter member of the American League, known back then as the Chicago White Stockings. They achieved early success with World Series titles in 1906 and 1917. In fact, it was their defensive style of play in 1906 that won them the World Series and dubbed the team as the "hitless wonders." Perhaps the White Sox most sour moment came in the 1919 World Series and the Black Sox Scandal.


Can you identify this music city's team from its logo?

The Nashville Predators joined the NHL in 1998 as an expansion team. They currently play in the Central Division of the Western Conference, calling Bridgestone Arena their home. To date, the Predators have managed only one conference championship as any form of trophy success.


A rumble follows this team around. Can you identify them from their logo?

Hurricane Katrina put Oklahoma City on the map when the former New Orleans Hornets played there for two seasons while New Orleans was rebuilt. Basketball Commissioner David Stern took note of the high turnout for the games and put OKC on top of the NBA relocation list.


If you're not careful they may take a chomp at you. Can you identify this team by its logo?

Based in San Jose, California, the Sharks formed in 1991 and entered into the Pacific Divison of the Western Conference of the NHL. Although they have yet to win a Stanley Cup, the Sharks have claimed one Presidents Trophy, one conference and six division championships. Their home games are noted for the team's entrance into the arena through a massive 17-foot shark mouth.


Can you name this high-flying team from its logo?

Even though the Houston Rockets is an appropriate moniker, given that Houston is the home of NASA's Johnson Space Center, the team was actually named for the space-age industries growing in its originating city of San Diego in 1967.


Can you identify this Canadian team from its logo?

Although they were founded in 1945 as part of the Pacific Coast Hockey League, the Canucks only entered the NHL in 1970 where they formed part of the Pacific Division of the Western Conference. The Canucks have had some success over the years, but a Stanley Cup has eluded them. They have won the Presidents Trophy on two occasions and were crowned divisional champions 10 times and conference champs three times.


Can you figure out this Bronx ball team from its logo?

Arguably the greatest team to have hit the ball field, the New York Yankees were established in 1901 as the Baltimore Orioles. A year later, they moved to New York. From 1923 to present, the team has won 27 World Series titles, the most of any other team. But with names such as Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig on the roster known as "Murderer's Row," you can expect nothing but dominance.


Can you name this West Coast team from its logo?

The LA Clippers received their team nickname in 1978, when New York's Buffalo Braves moved to San Diego. They were named for the sailing ships that historically passed through the San Diego Bay.


Can you name this mighty team from its logo?

The Anaheim Ducks hail from Anaheim, California. They play in the Western Conference of the NHL and were formed in 1993. They were originally owned by Disney and named The Mighty Ducks of Anaheim. After a difficult start, they reached the playoffs for the first time in 1997. Their first Stanley Cup playoff came in 2002/2003 and saw them lose to the New Jersey Devils. In 2006, Disney sold the team who then became the Anaheim Ducks. They eventually won the Stanley Cup in 2007 and also have two conference and six division championship wins.


Can you name this team from its logo? Be careful, they may roll over you!

The NHL franchise now known as the Colorado Avalanche first formed as the Quebec Nordiques in 1972. They played in the now-defunct World Hockey Association until 1979 and then joined the NHL that same year.


The founding fathers loved this city, do you know the team by its logo?

Originally named the Syracuse Nationals and located in New York, the Philadelphia 76ers were so named by Walter Stahlberg of West Colingswood, NJ, who won the contest to name the franchise in 1963, upon its move to Philadelphia. Stahlberg's 25-word explanation sealed the deal with the judges, who had to decide through a "mountain" of entries -- 500 in total.


Can you identify this royal team from its logo?

Formed in 1967 as part of an NHL expansion, the LA Kings play in the Pacific Division of the Western Conference. The Kings boast two Stanley Cup wins, three conferences and one divisional championship. The Kings have a massive rivalry with the Anaheim Ducks. In 1988, Wayne Gretzky joined the Kings from the Edmonton Oilers, which helped raise the team's profile significantly.


They may be swashbucklers, but do you recognize its logo?

The Pittsburgh Pirates were founded in 1887. In their century-plus long history, the Pirates have won five World Series titles and nine National League pennants. From 1993 to 2012, the Pirates had 20 straight losing seasons, the longest streak in any North American professional sport.


Can you name this East Coast team from its logo?

Herb Turetzky has been the official scorer of the Brooklyn Nets for 50 years -- since the franchise's first game on October 23, 1967, when they played as the New Jersey Americans.


They might keep you down, but can you identify this team from its logo?

Formed during the NHL expansion of 1967, the St. Louis Blues play out of Scottrade Center in St Louis, Missouri. They are currently part of the Central Division of the Western Conference. Nine-time division champions, the Blues have yet to win a Stanley Cup although, in the 1999/2000 season, they won their first and only Presidents Trophy. The St. Louis Blues, who are great rivals of the Chicago Blackhawks, are named after a song by W.C. Handy.


Do you know this southern team by its logo?

Tom Benson, who owns the New Orleans Pelicans, also owns the NFL's New Orleans Saints.


This big state has big game, can you identify the team from its logo?

The Dallas Mavericks is one of a few teams in the NBA with two mascots: Mavs Man, who looks like a basketball in human form, and Champ, a horse in a Mavs uniform.


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