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Are you a "Walking Dead" superfan? Have you watched every episode of the show... twice? Then take this quiz to find out how well you really know the characters of the show.

In case you missed it, "The Walking Dead" is one of the most popular shows on television. We're assuming that you navigated to this quiz because you're one who has his/her popcorn and soda ready well in advance of the show so that you don't miss even one second. We could call this quiz, who died on "The Walking Dead" because goodness knows, even some of our most favorite characters have been killed off on the show, but we've decided to mix in some of the still living characters as well.

Hey, speaking of "The Walking Dead," have you heard of the theory that the entire show is just a dream Rick has while he's in the hospital in a coma after being shot? Do you think the show's producers would stoop so low as to recreate the old Dallas trick of "it was all just a dream?" Or do you think it's all really a depiction of the zombie apocalypse? What's your theory?

Can you ace this "Walking Dead" characters quiz? Let's get started to find out.

This tough guy rides a motorcycle.

Daryl is the tough guy on the outside, softie on the inside who rides a motorcycle and is generally awesome when killing walkers. He has a leather vest with wings on the back.


This sword-wielding character ends up in a relationship with Rick.

Michonne gets into a relationship with Rick and a good friendship with Carl. Though the constant issues of surviving in a zombie apocalypse make their relationship different from the norm. Date night consists of zombie bashing.


This character's dad is named Rick.

Carl Grimes is Rick Grimes' son. The two go through their ups and downs, but Carl generally really looks up to his dad.


Who was Carl's mom?

Lori Grimes is Carl's mom and was Rick's wife. She died giving birth to Carl's baby sister.


Who owned and maintained the first RV and likes to wear a fisherman's hat?

Dale owns the RV in which he was going to travel the country with his late wife. When the outbreak started, he saved Amy and Andrea. His RV helped the group get around after the outbreak.


What is the name of Carl's baby sister?

Carl's baby sister, Judith, is also the daughter of Lori Grimes. There is some dispute about whether the baby is Rick's or Shane's, but it is most likely Shane's given the timeline of when the pregnancy began.


This character carries a bat named Lucille.

Negan is a leader who threatens people with his bat, named Lucille, wrapped in barbed wire. Though sometimes the bat appears to be just for show, he later uses it to kill one of Rick's clan.


Which character forms a romantic relationship with Maggie?

Glenn and Maggie form a romantic relationship and essentially see themselves as married. Unfortunately, Glenn's demise left Maggie seeking to avenge his death.


Which character begins her journey as a battered wife?

Carol Peletier begins her Walking Dead journey as a battered wife with a daughter named Sophia. Once her husband and daughter die, she begins a new journey to becoming the tough and manipulative Carol we've come to know and love.


Who is Daryl's brother?

Merle Dixon is Daryl's brother, and he proves to be difficult, to say the least. He is known as being misogynistic and racist, which causes numerous issues and separates him from his brother.


Which character has red hair and becomes one of Rick's trusted comrades?

Abraham Ford steps up to be one of Rick's main comrades after Tyreese dies. He is a generally tough, wise-cracking guy who is a big softie on the inside with a good heart.


Which character fights with a stick and is against killing any being?

Morgan will only fight people and walkers with his stick, as he believes that all life is precious. However, this viewpoint doesn't always work out very well.


Who is the leader of the Hilltop?

Gregory is the leader of the Hilltop community and lives in a very nice house. Unfortunately, he doesn't have any real skills that will protect his people, other than being a general pushover.


Who was Rick's partner in the sheriff's department before the outbreak happened?

Shane Walsh was Rick's friend and partner in the sheriff's department before the walker outbreak happened. Initially, he seemed like a great asset to Rick and the group. However, it is later discovered that he and Rick's wife, Lori, were having an illicit relationship. This is the beginning of the end for Shane.


Which cowardly character lied about his credentials and qualifications, saying he was a scientist?

Eugene Porter lied about his background to survive, saying that he was a scientist. This made him more valuable in terms of finding a cure for the outbreak, or at least develop something to protect others against it. He is generally an odd sort but later develops some survival skills.


Which character owned a farm and had his leg amputated after being bitten?

Hershel was Maggie and Beth's father who appeared to be quite strict and protective over his daughters. It was discovered that he kept a group of walkers in a barn that he "took care of" since he didn't want to kill them.


Which character was in a coma when the outbreak began?

When the outbreak began, Rick was in the hospital and in a coma. When he woke, the world was very different from what he was used to. After reuniting with his family, he eventually became the leader of the group.


Which character learned to be a medic and traveled with Eugene and Abraham?

Before Abraham rescued her, Rosita was the designated medic of another group before it was overrun. She eventually developed a relationship with Abraham.


Which woman married her true love and later became pregnant?

After getting her dad's blessing for marriage, Glenn and Maggie considered themselves to be husband and wife. She became pregnant with his child, which is extremely dangerous in a walker-infested world.


Which character led a small group of survivors, but wasn't initially accepted in Rick's group?

When Rick's group was at the Prison, Tyreese and his group wanted to seek refuge. However, Rick did not find outsiders to be trustworthy, and Tyreese's group later joined Woodbury. Conflicts at Woodbury eventually brought Tyreese back to Rick.


Who was the leader of Woodbury and wore an eye patch?

Philip, better known as "The Governor," was the ruthless leader of Woodbury. When he was overthrown, he came back to Rick for revenge by bringing a war upon the Prison.


Who is Tyreese's sister who became a real sharp-shooter?

Sasha is Tyreese's sister; however, after Tyreese's death, Sasha becomes more a loner. She uses her spare time to practice her shooting with a rifle.


Which character had a romantic interest with The Governor and got caught in the conflict between Woodbury and the Prison?

Andrea was separated from Rick's group when she found herself in Woodbury. She developed an interest with The Governor, not knowing his true intentions. She was later a casualty of the conflict between Woodbury and Rick's group.


Before the outbreak, who was a priest at St. Sarah Church?

Father Gabriel was a priest at St. Sarah Church. Frightened by the walkers, he boarded up the church. He became part of Rick's group as they were traveling through Georgia.


Which Hilltop resident is a skilled scavenger and has long, straight hair?

Paul, better known as Jesus, is a resident of the Hilltop. He is a very skilled survivor, often leaving the Hilltop to find supplies. When he meets Rick, he hopes to start an alliance and trade negotiation with another community.


Which character is a recruiter for Alexandria?

Aaron is a recruiter for Alexandria; basically he observes outsiders and determines if they are worthy to enter the town's walls. When he meets Rick's group for the first time, he says he had been observing them for a while, and they need outsiders to help defend the town.


Which character discovered the Oceanside community?

Originally seeking refuge in her apartment complex, Tara was involved with the conflict between Woodbury and Rick's group. She later joined with Rick. While out on a supply run for Alexandria, Tara became separated and stumbled on the Oceanside community.


Who is the leader of the Scavengers?

Jadis is the leader of the Scavengers, a group of survivors who live in the junkyard. This group will take whatever they can find and make deals with whoever will benefit their survival.


Which character stole Daryl's crossbow?

Dwight was in the process of leaving the Saviors when he bumped into Daryl. The altercation with Daryl eventually led to Dwight's capture and being brought back to the Saviors. Since then, Dwight has antagonized Daryl by taking his things several times.


Which character tried to help Beth escape Grady Memorial Hospital?

After Dawn "rescued" Noah, he was assigned to do laundry in a ward at the hospital. When Beth arrived, he formed a bond with her and together they planned to escape the hospital.


Who is Carl's girlfriend?

When first arriving in Alexandria, Enid was a loner, having just lost her parents during the outbreak. She eventually warmed up to Carl, and stays with Maggie to help her at the Hilltop.


What Alexandria supply runner couldn't handle this apocalyptic world?

Nicholas lived in Alexandria, but he had not yet gotten used to the new world. After Rick's group arrived, he went on several supply runs with Glenn. It became apparent that he could not handle his fears outside the safety of the walls, and he committed suicide.


Who was the original leader of Alexandria?

Deanna was the leader of Alexandria. Before the outbreak, she was an Ohio congresswoman, who was always very good at reading people. She allowed Rick and his group to join Alexandria after getting to know each individual in the group.


Who is second-in-command of the Saviors?

Simon is second in command of the Saviors after Negan. He frequently comes to the Hilltop to collect their shipment for the Saviors. He is very clever, but also a brutal leader and individual.


Which character owns a pet tiger?

Ezekiel is better known as King Ezekiel of the Kingdom. He owns a pet tiger named Shiva. Ezekiel formed an alliance with Alexandria to help fight against the Saviors.


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