Can You Name the Video Games These Bosses Are From?

By: Robin Tyler
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Although early video games really didn't use the concept of the final boss battle, it didn't take long for programmers to realize that a final, tough challenge, was the way to go.

One of the first boss battles appeared in an arcade game in the 1980s, which rose from the ashes, you may say.  And so the boss battle was born. Over time, the boss battle has advanced. In the early days, it was a case of just hitting the boss, be it a demon, spaceship or animal, enough times with your sword, laser or whatever weapon the game have given you.

As hardware became more impressive, so did the boss battles and today, its no longer a case of a finger on the trigger until the boss is dead. Now you need to learn their attack patterns, their defenses, what weapons work against them, what combos you will need to use and a range of other important factors to bring them down.

But no matter what you play, from early arcade classics to the latest PC and 4th generation console games, fighting toward that boss battle is what drives you on.

Now the questions is, can you name the games these bosses made their appearance in from just their image?

This one is tricky!

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Portal was certainly a sleeper hit when it came out but is now recognized for the incredible game it is. Gladdos, the end boss, certainly makes you use every little trick you have learned during the game to win.

An boxing game from the late '80s, your final battle is up against old 'Iron' Mike Tyson himself.

Of course, Mario was introduced to the world in the first Donkey Kong game but he didn't even have a name. His adversary did - the feared Donkey Kong, who has become a Nintendo legend.

One of the toughest end bosses in the Mortal Kombat universe, Shao Khan has a range of attacks that will quickly have you on the backfoot.

One of the prime evils, Diablo is the main boss in the Diablo series which was first launched in 1997 by the legendary Blizzard company. Diablo has appeared in Diablo 1,2 and 3.

The final raid boss in the Frozen Throne expansion, the Lich King provides an epic fight that puts even the best raid clans to the test.

A boss battle that takes place in a boxing ring ... seems about right. And King Krusha K Rool was a formidable opponent.

Borderlands is a much-loved FPS from 2009. The final boss, Mothrakk offers an extremely tough encounter to end the game. With the ability to fly, Mothrakk can have you pulling your hair out!

Although Diablo is the main boss in the Diablo series, Baal makes an appearance in the Diablo II expansion, Lord of Destruction. His ability to call on multiple waves of monsters even before you can touch him makes him a formidable opponent.

There was much controversy regarding Mortal Kombat when it was released in the early 1990s, especially with finishing moves. The game became an epic, and Goro, the four-armed Mortal Kombat champion, was featured throughout the series.

Catching Mewtwo in Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow was a massive challenge. Mewtwo's physical attack just ate through your deck. Persistence and perseverance were a necessity, or if you know the secret, catching Mewtwo took just a second.

One of the first FPS games ever made, Doom was ridiculously popular and went on to become a movie starring the Rock.

In the beginning, Minecraft was certainly an open, world-building sandbox but more content was added over time, even an end boss in the Ender Dragon. Getting to the Ender Dragon, however, is another story...

Nightmare was a recurring boss in the Soulcalibur series of video games.

A popular arcade game, Ecco the Dolphin had one incredibly difficult final boss in the Vortex Queen. One wrong move and you were inserting another quarter...

A spider with chain guns? Yes, that's Spider Mastermind from the original Doom. Best to get in close and behind him... easier said than done.

OK, not an endgame boss but there is nothing that wakes up childhood Star Wars memories like taking on those walking mechanical camels, the AT-AT, in Star Wars.

The Monkey Island franchise from Lucas Arts gave the gaming world a totally different gaming experience. This adventure's final boss was the dread pirate LeChuck, well a giant robot version of him.

Just when you think you have defeated the final boss in Ocarina of Time, he respawns as a two-sword-wielding monster. The backdrop of broken ruins, thunderous skies flashing with lightning and a great soundtrack makes this relatively easy boss battle so worthwhile.

Not the final boss in Altered Beast, but certainly one of the coolest. What's not to love about Aggar, he throws his face at you!

A four-stage encounter, Ragnaros is an extremely tough boss fight in World of Warcraft.

One of the first boss fights ever in a video game, the Mothership in Phoenix took up most of the screen. And so boss battles were born.

The Caretaker appears in DLC for the Witcher III. It seems like the creators of the game took a look at Dark Souls and decided a tough boss fight was the order of the day. The Caretaker HITS hard, so dodging is a necessity and learning the timing of his attacks is crucial if you hope to win this boss battle.

Bowser, Mario's major adversary, first appeared in 1985's Super Mario Brothers. Bowser is the King of the Koopa, a turtle race also famous in the franchise. All he wants to do is kidnap Princess Peach and get rid of Mario ... forever.

The God of War series pits you against a range of difficult bosses, none more so than Poseidon in the third installment of the franchise.

Golden Axe is truly one of the great arcade game experiences and one of the first to offer a 4-player option. The final boss, Death Adder, was a little bit of a letdown, however. He looked the same as some of the other bosses you fought during the game, except he was red in color.

Contra is a much-loved arcade game that was ported to a number of gaming systems. The final boss, Red Falcon, certainly was tough to beat!

A truly classic boss that not only gave you an epic fight but managed to mess with your mind at the same time. Can you remember controls swapping around? And what about Mantis tell you information about data saved on your memory card? Brilliant!

The name may confuse you, as the Archdemon is a dragon. And what a dragon it is. Not only are you fighting the Archdemon, but a number of his forces as well. This is a tough battle but the sense of pride when finally killing this impressive foe is second to none.

It wasn't enough that you had to beat a range of other fighters to get to the end boss, in Street Fighter 2, you had to take down Balrog, who not only is quick but hits hard as well. Many quarters were spent in arcades trying to beat this boss.

This classic arcade game saw you take on the Marshmallow Man, just like the Ghostbusters movie. It may all look a little old now, but in 1984, this was all cutting edge.

Dracula has starred in many games before, but in the Castlevania Series, he is the main adversary.

Could a boss fight get any bigger (literally)? In this battle, Kratos has to take on the incredible Colossus of Rhodes. The game designers did an incredible job and it really feels like an ant fighting a giant.

Batman has had to face some tough bosses in his time, but the Scarecrow is one of the most difficult and mind bending.

One of the toughest games ever made, every boss in Dark Souls will kill you time and again until you work out ways of beating them. The final bosses, Ornstein and Smough, well, they just made you want to give up!

For those who played 1997's Diablo, memories of the Butcher remain. Although a mini-boss, the Butcher was brutal and without any prior knowledge, invariably, your character died at his hands.

The Bioshock series is much loved by gamers. And what's not to like? This FPS is beautifully crafted and fun to play. Although Big Daddies are not end bosses, they prove a tough encounter each time you meet them.

It's only fair that when facing the hordes of hell, the final boss is going to be a demon right? Well in Doom, Cyberdemon gave the Marine one hell of a fight.

Although Destiny got mixed reviews when released in 2014 (some call it too grindy), it is an epic game. Atheon, the first raid boss your crew will encounter, provides a tough but very rewarding battle should you managed to bring him down.

There is no denying that the Fallout series has produced some incredible game moments ... and bosses. The Master from the original Fallout, however, gave players an extremely tough encounter to finish off the game. Of course, Fallout gives you many options, so you need not even fight him but that means you join him and become his mutant slave for life.

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