Can You Name All of These Engine Parts from One Sentence?

By Robin Tyler on April 25, 2018

About This Quiz

Without them, your car simply won't go anywhere!

A car engine provides the necessary power, which when fed through the transmission and to the differential, makes a car move! And those auto engineers who over a century ago managed to make this all work are nothing short of geniuses. 

Just think about it. All those parts of the engine, needing to work in perfect harmony for an engine to run properly but also efficiently. How did they even manage to come up with the design of a combustion engine? Clever men, of that there is no doubt.

Now, how clever are you when it comes to naming engine parts. Do you fancy yourself a winner in that regard? It's not easy because they are so many. Some are easy to see and name thanks to the fact they are on the outside of the engine. But what about the inner workings? Do you know all the parts that help make an engine run or the supporting parts, without which the engine wouldn't even start?

Well, in this quiz we will show you an image of a part and see if you can name it. Up for the challenge? We thought you were!

Good luck!

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