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Perhaps you're into fishing and find yourself looking for the best place to reel in a record-breaking largemouth bass. If fishing isn't your thing, then maybe you find yourself at your local watering hole, celebrating a holiday weekend with family, complete with swimming, tubing and jet-skiing. Regardless of your favorite activity, lakes and the land around them are the perfect place to find something to do on a warm day. 

Fortunately for those of us that live in the United States, lakes and other large bodies of water are pretty easy to come by. If you're visiting the South, then maybe your trip will take you to Lake Okeechobee in sunny Florida. Or maybe you're visiting "The Land of 10,000 Lakes" and find yourself counting every reservoir you come across while venturing through the forested state of Minnesota. 

If you consider yourself to be a bit of a lake connoisseur, then this quiz is for you! Can you recognize which state a famous lake is found in? If you can tell the difference between Lake Superior and Lake Champlain, then these questions will be the ultimate test of your aquatic knowledge. Let's make some waves and navigate through the lakes in this quiz!

Grand Lake serves as the largest naturally occurring body of water in which state?

The clue is in the lake's name! Grand Lake is not only a large lake in Colorado, but also the name of a nearby town in the state. The lake is situated near hiking trails, making it a popular destination for people who enjoy the outdoors.


Found near the town of Smyrna, Lake Como calls which state home?

Lake Como is one of the best lakes in Delaware. This is because it offers a number of amenities to its visitors, like paddleboats, boat rentals, swimming, playground equipment and fishing.


Which sunny state is home to Lake Okeechobee?

Lake Okeechobee is a recognizable lake for a few different reasons. Often referred to as "Florida's Inland Sea," the lake is the second largest body of freshwater to be completely enclosed within the United States.


Created when the Buford Dam was completed on the Chattahoochee River, Lake Lanier can be found in what state?

Formally known as Lake Sidney Lanier, this lake is a solid choice for those looking to fish. The waters of Lake Lanier are home to bluegill, spotted bass, largemouth bass and smallmouth bass.


Where would you find Halulu Lake?

Halulu Lake is the largest naturally occurring lake throughout all of the Hawaiian Islands and third in size overall. During seasons of higher rain levels, the lake can grow to be around 182 acres.


Located a little over 300 miles away from Seattle, Lake Coeur d'Alene is situated where?

Lake Coeur d'Alene is roughly 25 miles long and has some interesting things beneath its surface. Due to fluctuating ice thickness, there are a number of Ford Model Ts at the bottom of the lake from people who tried to cross it in the winter in the early 1900s.


Grass Lake is one of nine lakes that helps make up the Fox Chain O'Lakes in what state?

Grass Lake covers a large area, which is estimated to be almost 1,360 acres in size. The lake has a variety of fish that attracts anglers from all over. It has been recorded to be 6 feet deep at its deepest point.


Spirit Lake and Mount St. Helens can both be found in this state. Which state is it?

Spirit Lake used to attract a large number of tourists each year. However, the lake's proximity to Mount St. Helens caused visitor numbers to lower due to the eruption that took place in 1980.


Controlled by the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers, Perry Lake can be found in which state?

Based on its close proximity to cities like Topeka and Kansas City, Perry Lake is a prime destination for outdoor recreation. The area offers fishing, swimming, horseback riding and camping, just to name a few of the activities available.


Found in Clinton, McCreary and Laurel counties, Lake Cumberland can be found in which state?

Lake Cumberland is found in Kentucky. While it offers plenty of recreational activities available to its visitors, the primary purpose of its construction was to create hydroelectric power and a means to control flooding.


Despite its name, Toledo Bend Reservoir is found between which two states?

Toledo Bend Reservoir is found on the Sabine River between the two states. It is the largest man-made lake in Louisiana and its dam responsible for making 92 megawatts of electricity.


Which state is home to Baxter State Park and Millinocket Lake?

Millinocket Lake is good for anglers who are looking to catch white suckers, fallfish and yellow perch. The aquatic environment in the lake can become hypoxic, however, which makes it less than ideal for trout.


In what state is Lake Minnetonka?

Lake Minnetonka occupies over 14,000 acres and earns the lake a place among the top 10 largest lakes in the state. It is in close proximity to the urban area of Minneapolis, making it a perfect day trip destination.


Made by blocking off part of the Osage River, Lake of the Ozarks is located in what state?

Lake of the Ozarks is an extremely desirable tourist location in Missouri and boasts a number of amenities. These include golfing, shopping, fishing and various other marine-based activities.


Which state contains the likes of Flathead Lake and the town of Kalispell?

Located near Flathead National Forest, Flathead Lake is what is left of the once massive glacial lake known as Lake Missoula. Of all the natural freshwater lakes located west of the Mississippi River, it is the largest.


Lake Minatare is home to which state's only lighthouse?

Lake Minatare is situated close to other tourist attractions in Nebraska, like Chimney Rock and Scotts Bluff National Monument. The lake also serves as a federal waterfowl refuge.


Lake Tahoe can be found in Nevada and which other state?

Lake Tahoe is found in the Sierra Nevada mountain range, which makes it a desirable location for ski resorts. Hikers are also drawn to the area, due to its proximity to the Tahoe Rim Trail.


Elephant Butte Lake is the largest reservoir in which state?

In addition to the water-based activities that the lake has to offer, the reservoir is also surrounded by Elephant Butte Lake State Park, the largest state park in New Mexico.


Created by the construction of the Cowans Ford Dam, Lake Norman is found where?

Lake Norman has two different public access points for the public to swim from. These beaches can be accessed from Norman Lake State Park in the north and Ramsey Creek Park in the south.


Where is Lake Sakakawea found?

Lake Sakakawea is the largest reservoir located in North Dakota. Because it maintains its large size all year round, the lake attracts anglers, swimmers, campers and boaters 365 days a year.


Grand Lake o' the Cherokees can be found in the Ozark foothills, which are located in which state?

Sometimes referred to as Grand Lake, the Grand Lake o' the Cherokees in Oklahoma gives anglers the chance to catch a rare paddlefish. The lake also has white crappie and channel catfish.


Found in Crater Lake National Park, which state is home to Crater Lake?

Crater Lake is said to have formed over 7,700 years ago after a tall peak collapsed and left an empty basin that soon filled with melted snow and rain. This lake is also the deepest in the U.S.


Lake Powell has parts in Arizona, but the majority of the lake is in which state?

Lake Powell is a huge tourist attraction, boasting visitor numbers that reach 2 million each year. In addition to the lake, the Rainbow Bridge National Monument is another popular site in the area.


Lake Champlain is located in parts of Quebec, Canada; New York and which other state?

In addition to awesome recreational activities, Lake Champlain is home to a piece of history. The lake is home to Chazy Fossil Reef, the oldest known fossil reef in the world. The reef is believed to be somewhere between 450-480 million years old.


Lake Jocassee is found in the northwest corner of which state?

After it flooded, Lake Jocassee became the watery grave to a piece of film history. Mount Carmel Baptist Church Cemetery was seen in the movie, "Deliverance," but now lies under 130 feet of water.


Sylvan Lake and Custer State Park both belong to which state?

Sylvan Lake was formed when a dam was built across Sunday Gulch Creek in 1881. Nowadays, people can enjoy boating, fishing, swimming and rock climbing on the lake and its shorelines.


Formed by damming the Obey River, the Dale Hollow Reservoir is found in Kentucky and which other state?

When the Obey River was dammed and the lake began to form, it took a city with it. Beneath the waters, there are the remnants of a once successful valley town known as Willow Grove, Tennessee.


A direct result of the Mansfield Dam, which state is home to Lake Travis?

Located outside of the thriving city of Austin, Lake Travis was created in 1942 by the Lower Colorado River Authority. The original purpose of its construction was to alleviate flooding in the area.


Lake Washington can be found in which state?

Lake Washington can be seen from the bustling city of Seattle. It is one of the largest natural lakes in the state, second only to Lake Chelan, which is located in the north-central region of the state.


Found near this state's capital city of Madison, where would one find Lake Monona?

Lake Monona is a great destination for anglers, as the lake is home to northern pike, smallmouth bass, sturgeon, catfish, northern muskellunge and a large variety of panfish, like bluegills.


Where is Yellowstone Lake located?

As its name suggests, Yellowstone Lake can be found in Yellowstone National Park. It is the largest lake in the park, as well as one of the largest high-elevation lakes in the country.


Lake Ouachita is the largest lake in which state?

Lake Ouachita is the perfect place for those wanting a quiet lake vacation. With its clear waters and pristine shorelines, this lake is only a 13-mile drive from Hot Springs, Arkansas.


Found along the Black Warrior River, Lewis Smith Lake is the deepest lake in which state?

The deepest part of Lewis Smith Lake is found by the dam that created it, the Lewis Smith Dam, which is one of the largest dams to be made out of earthen material. The lake's depth at this point is 264 feet.


This zig-zagging lake, Kenai Lake, belongs to which state?

As its name might suggest, Kenai Lake is found in Alaska, along the Kenai Peninsula. The lake gets the majority of its water from the Snow River and empties into the Kenai River.


Which state is home to Moosehead Lake, the crown jewel of the state?

Maine is home to more than 80 lakes, but Moosehead Lake is the largest of them all. In addition, Moosehead Lake is also the largest mountain lake in the country, due to its location in the Longfellow Mountains.


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