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What was life like for a Disney princess? Well, it was both good and bad!

The Disney princesses are always thought of fondly, but they had challenges that many of us will be lucky to never have to face. Their lives may have started off easy, but as time went on, they found themselves faced with some pretty big challenges.

If you think you know all of the problems each Disney princess faced, see if you can answer these questions. Maleficent gave Sleeping Beauty a sentence of what? The life of which princess was saved after meeting the Seven Dwarfs? Do you know the princess that had to prove herself but had trouble because of her stepmother?

Make sure you know the people and villains in their movies, this will help you identify the correct princess! True Disney fans will know their princesses very well.

We're lucky not to have to go through the same challenges as these women faced in daily life. From the evil stepmothers to the villains they encountered, these girls showed optimism and courage throughout these dilemmas.

A true Disney fan will know the dilemma and how the princesses made it through it. So, if you think you know the princesses and their dilemmas, take the quiz to see your score!

Which princess lost her voice for a while?

Ariel lost her voice when she chose to have legs and be a human so she could spend time with Prince Eric. Evil Ursula got her voice.


Which princess traded her freedom for her father's?

Belle's father accidentally trespassed into the beast's property, and the beast locked him up. Belle offered to trade her freedom for that of her father.


Which princess was required to marry a prince?

Princess Jasmine was required to marry a prince, since she was a princess. So, Aladdin wished to be a prince.


Which princess lost her shoe?

Cinderella lost a glass slipper in her haste to get away from the prince when the clock struck midnight. The prince only had the clue for proof of her existence.


Which princess is known as the "sleeping" princess?

Princess Aurora was known as the Sleeping Beauty because of the deep slumber she fell into when a prediction came true. Only true love's kiss could break the spell and wake her up.


Which princess initially finds a series of physical challenges very difficult?

Mulan wanted to take the place of her father in battle, so she disguised herself as a man and had to tackle a series of physical challenges. Initially, she found them very difficult and was unable to excel, but she found renewed vigor.


Which princess's father destroys her prized collection of possessions?

Ariel was obsessed with human culture, and though contact between mermaids and humans was forbidden, she still collected human trinkets whenever she could and put them in her grotto. When her father found out she had saved Prince Eric's life, he destroyed her collection with his trident.


Which princess pretended to be a man?

Mulan had no desire to be the delicate geisha her family wanted her to be. She posed as a man and ran away to join the army to defeat the Huns.


Which princess pricked her finger on a spinning wheel?

Despite being protected, Princess Aurora pricked her finger on a spinning wheel and fell into a deep sleep. She was also known by her alias, Briar Rose.


Which princess had exceptionally long hair and was kept in a tower?

Rapunzel was locked in a tower by an old woman who wanted to use her presence to keep her young and beautiful. Rapunzel grew up isolated from the outside world.


Which princess almost gets in serious trouble for feeding a hungry little boy?

Jasmine escapes the palace walls and encounters a hungry little boy. She gives him food, but doesn't have any money to pay for it. Luckily, Aladdin was there to save the day.


Which princess fended off the attentions of Gaston?

It's Beauty and the Beast, not Beauty and Gaston. Though, Gaston and his attentions were a bit beastly.


Which princess had two ugly step-sisters?

Cinderella lived with her stepmother and two ugly step-sisters who treated her like a servant instead of family once her father passed away. She worked with a pleasant demeanor and never let it make her bitter or angry.


Which princess took a bite out of a poison apple?

Snow White was tricked and took a bite of a poison apple. She "slept" in a coffin of glass and gold, but the prince's kiss brought her back to life.


Which princess was put under the control of Jafar?

Jasmine was put under the evil Jafar's control, and her father succumbed as well. However, Aladdin was able to save the day and win the girl.


Which princess was in love with a human but couldn't have him because she wasn't one?

Ariel was in love with Prince Eric, but she couldn't be with him because she was a mermaid. First world problems.


Which princess had to help protect her eccentric father from some of the villagers?

Maurice was Belle's lovable, though eccentric, father. He cared about her very much and he would have gladly traded his life for her's in an instant.


Which princess spoke a different language than the man with whom she fell in love?

Pocahontas spoke a different language, not only from the man with whom she fell in love, but also from all of his kinsmen. This presented a bit of a challenge when trying to keep the peace.


Which princess's father wanted to kill the man she loved?

Pocahontas's father wanted to kill John Smith, but Pocahontas intervened and saved his life. She tried to be a promoter of peace between the two peoples.


Which princess loved a man who lied to her about his true identity?

Aladdin used a genie's wishes to wish himself to be a prince so he could woo Jasmine and win her heart, since she could only marry a prince. But there were clues throughout his charade that he wasn't really a prince.


Which princess gets in trouble for entering the forbidden West Wing?

Belle had an inquisitive and curious nature about her, and though she was told never to enter the West Wing, she did so anyway. When the beast discovered her there, he was furious.


Which princess had a vain stepmother who wanted to be the fairest in the land?

Snow White's stepmother asked an enchanted mirror every day to tell her who was the fairest in the land. One day, it was Snow White instead of her, which made the stepmother insanely jealous.


Which princess is almost murdered in the forest by a huntsman?

The vain stepmother and Queen ordered her huntsman to take Snow White into the forest and kill her, but he could not bear to do it. He delivers the heart of a pig to the Queen instead of Snow White's heart.


Which princess has a pet tiger who bites the seat out of one of her suitor's pants?

Jasmine's pet tiger, Raja, bit the seat out of one of her suitor's pants. But Jasmine wasn't unhappy since she didn't like that suitor. Her father had to contend with the situation.


Which princess is tired of being cooped up in the palace walls?

Princess Jasmine was sheltered by her father, who only wanted the best for her but worried about her constantly. The stream of suitors who came to ask for her hand didn't please her, and she was very stubborn about the entire situation.


Which princess is blamed for a mouse in a teacup?

Lucifer is the name of Cinderella's stepmother's cat. When the cat chases a mouse named Gus into a teacup, the cup is unknowingly given to one of her stepsisters, causing quite a riot. Cinderella is then punished, even though it wasn't her fault.


Which princess loses a live cricket given to her for good luck?

Mulan's grandmother insisted that Mulan take a live cricket with her to the matchmaker's event for good luck, but Mulan loses it and the cricket causes a ruckus. Her family wanted her to bring honor to the family, but she failed.


Which princess is trapped in a large hourglass?

Jafar gets a hold of the genie who is forced to grant him wishes. Jafar becomes the possessor of great power and is able to trap Jasmine in an oversized hourglass.


Which princess's mom almost died before she was born?

Rapunzel's mother became deathly ill before giving birth to Rapunzel. Golden flower's elixir saved her and she recovered to give birth to Rapunzel.


Which princess's father pledges her to be married to the greatest warrior?

Chief Powhatan, Pocahontas's father, pledged her in marriage to the greatest warrior in the tribe. However, Pocahontas was not interested in that and was much more in tune with the changes of the outside world than her father was.


Which princess faced a threat from Governor Ratcliffe?

Governor Ratcliffe was very greedy and was not trusting of the Native Americans in the new world. He was fine with killing "savages," as he called them, and only cared about taking their gold and resources.


Which princess is accidentally turned into a frog?

Tiana kisses a prince who has been turned into a frog because she thinks it might help him unbreak the spell, but it turns her into a frog instead. Tiana was the first princess of African-American heritage in Disney films.


Which princess's mother turns into a black bear?

Merida gave her mother a witch's brew in a pie, which ended up turning her mother into a black bear. This was NOT the intended result.


Which princess's father lost his leg to a bear?

Merida's father, Lord Fergus, lost his leg to a black bear at one time. This fact later becomes especially important to Merida and the unity of her family.


Which princess was cursed to die by her 16th birthday?

Princess Aurora was cursed by Maleficent to die before her 16th birthday by pricking her finger on a spinning wheel.


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