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Let's flash back to when you were a kid and it's your birthday, one of the most magical times of the year. You've been waiting for what feels like forever for this day to arrive, wondering what on Earth is in the gaily wrapped gifts sitting on the decorated table were, and you're looking forward to seeing your friends and family. But there is always that one relative who you look forward to seeing the most, where the roar of an engine and a flash of color announces their presence. In essence, the ride that gets that relative to your event is an extension of themselves. 

Just like that relative, movies, television and even cartoons use vehicles to help audiences recognize their favorite characters. A perfect example of how this is achieved is with our favorite secret agent, James Bond. When it came to driving in the early movies, Bond was usually seen tooling around the world in an Aston Martin. Why that car? Aside from being expensive, it's exotic, and it just oozes class and sophistication. In the world of television, "Supernatural" actually had an entire episode featured from the viewpoint of the 1967 Impala that the main characters drive as they bust demons.

Grab some sugary snacks and some soda and let's see if you can pair the vehicle to its cartoon!

For almost 30 years, this pink sedan has been used as a landing pad for Bart and his skateboard during the opening credits for this show. Which show is it?

In addition to the dents and dings that come with everyday wear and tear, Homer's pink sedan has had several different modifications. In Episode 311, Homer adds a turntable, smoke machine and snow cone machine to its interior. The main mission? Homer needed a hands-free headset for the car.


Which television show had the Mystery Machine carting a group of mystery-solving teens around?

Ever wonder what kind of dog Scooby-Doo was? He's a Great Dane, one of the AKC's biggest breeds. Just like its cartoon counterpart, Great Danes are sweet and dependable, always wanting to protect their owners from harm.


Can't find a spot to park the car? In this futuristic cartoon from the 1960s, your car could fold up into a briefcase. Which show are we thinking of?

While flying cars aren't a thing just yet, you can spot several of the innovations from "The Jetsons" lurking around today. In many airports, there are motorized walkways helping travelers from point A to point B, and smartwatches are becoming a norm.


What cartoon's cars were powered by your feet?

When it came to choosing a gender for a baby, creators of "The Flintstones" originally wanted a Fred Jr. However, it was the toy companies that convinced them to draw a girl: more money could be made selling girl dolls.


Which cartoon featured a band called Dethklok, who traveled riding a five-person motorcycle?

If you're a fan of rock, specifically metal, you should definitely check out "Metalocalypse." Centering around Dethklok, the most brutal band in the world, audiences see the band's reactions to everyday activities like grocery shopping, dieting, or what to buy a friend for a birthday.


Taking place in Beach City, this multi-colored van is the perfect ride for Greg DeMayo. What show are we thinking of?

Even though Steven Universe relies on the other Crystal Gems to teach him about how to live in gem society, it is Greg Demayo (also known as Greg Universe) who teaches Steven how to feel and act like a human.


Looking to cruise around Third Earth? Better call Panthro and get a ride on the Thundertank! Which show are we wanting to watch?

After crashing into Third Earth, it was Panthro who took the remains of the Thundercats spaceship and built the Thundertank. In addition to just looking cool, the tank had the ability to climb walls using its claws as well as a laser cannon to thwart attacks.


Need a lift to the Drunken Clam? Hopefully, Peter Griffin can give you a ride there in his red station wagon. What show are we thinking about?

When "Family Guy" got canceled in 2000, it was the fans who managed to revive the show. It was when Adult Swim re-aired the series that Fox noticed that there was an audience who wanted to hear more from the Griffin family.


When it comes to being a mutant, traveling incognito is a must. Which of these superhero shows featured the Blackbird?

As luck would have it, one of the main pilots of the Blackbird comes with his own sunglasses. With his laser eyes, Cyclops can't keep his eyes open without blasting objects unless he wears his visor or glasses.


What cartoon showed Wonder Woman's invisible plane?

In 2017, the first live action film featuring Wonder Woman hit the screens. To put this into perspective, there are about a dozen live-action Batman movies at the moment, which makes Wonder Woman's appearance a bit more rare.


Whether it's taking Stan Smith to the CIA office or running errands in Langley Falls, this black SUV always looks good. What show are we thinking of?

Did you know that there are two MacFarlanes cast in "American Dad!"? The first is the show's creator, Seth MacFarlane, and the second is his sister Rachael, who voices Stan's rebellious daughter Hayley Smith.


When you're a supervillian, you want to make your presence known from the get-go. What show features a villain named The Monarch who flies around in a giant cocoon?

In addition to being a massive pink and yellow eyesore that looms in the sky, The Monarch's Cocoon also works as one of The Monarch's homes, a dormitory for his henchmen, a dungeon and it even has a bar for celebrating that villainous win!


What cartoon has the T-Car, driven by Cyborg?

While most of the Teen Titans didn't require a ride, it would make sense for the team to have a car. Along with eating pizza and playing video games, learning to drive and getting a car are things teens look forward to.


Who says pizza and crimefighting can't go together? Not these four superheroes, who drove around in The Party Wagon. Which show are we wanting to watch?

Just like Batman and his elegantly geared up Batmobile, the animators behind The Party Wagon wanted the vehicle to match its masters. The Party Wagon is heavily armored with a tortoiseshell pattern on its roof and has a grimace on its bumper.


What show has the Planet Express Ship making deliveries with a delivery boy named Fry?

When it comes to office romances, the Planet Express Ship has had her troubles. In "Love and Rocket," Bender starts a romance with the Planet Express Ship, which ends poorly (to say the least) and almost kills Fry and Leela.


If you live in Arlen and have a pest problem, Dale's Dead-Bug is the only exterminating service to use. Which cartoon has this business complete with bug van?

When he's not out killing pests, Dale Gribble is oftentimes seen either drinking in the alley with Hank, Bill, and Boomhauer, attending gun club, or hunkering down in his basement preparing for alien invasions.


What are you watching if you see Calvin Fischoeder cruising around on his golf cart?

Due to Mr. Fischoeder's poor depth perception, the eyepatch wearing landlord of the Wonder Wharf will often be seen driving around in a golf cart. Luckily, golf carts aren't known for their speed, so no one gets hurt.


If you want to take an interesting class, you may want to hang out with Miss Frizzle, who's known for her crazy field trips. Which cartoon do we want to watch?

What does "Frankie & Grace" have in common with "The Magic School Bus"? Both of these shows feature Lily Tomlin! In "Frankie & Grace," Tomlin plays the free-spirited Frankie and in "The Magical School Bus," she portrays Miss Frizzle.


When it comes to teamwork, this group of heroes needs to have clear communication if they want to work their five lioned robot correctly. What cartoon are we thinking of?

Each of the lions on "Voltron" has its own weapon system and driver preferences. For example, Red Lion, Guardian Spirit of Fire, has heat cannons and requires a pilot who can handle its intense speed.


If you couldn't get enough of Baloo in "The Jungle Book," you should probably check out this '90s cartoon where he plays a jet pilot. What cartoon is it?

In addition to Baloo, other characters from "The Jungle Book" make appearances. Louis the orangutan runs a bar and hangout and Shere Khan reprised his villainous role as an owner of a massive corporation.


What cartoon would you be watching if you saw Max Tennyson driving his Rust Bucket?

When you're living in the universe of Ben 10, you want to make sure that if you call for a plumber, that you're actually requesting the service of someone who knows their way around pipes. If you call the wrong kind of plumber, you can end up with an intergalactic agency on your tail.


If you want to take a ride to Elmor Junior High, maybe hop into the station wagon with Gumball and Darwin Watterson. What show are we thinking of?

Unlike many of the cartoons of the past, it is Nichole Watterson who is seen as the breadwinner of the Watterson household, which means that a lot of the times, it's Nichole behind the wheel.


When it comes to working at The Park, it would only make sense that a golf cart would take Mordecai and Rigby from place to place. What show is it?

While playing around on an enchanted keyboard, Mordecai and Rigby accidentally teleported Skips to the moon. How did they get him back? Teleporting to the moon themselves while riding in The Cart, naturally.


What show has a car named 2 Wycked owned by Carl Brutananadilewski?

When it comes to choice rides, Carl's 2 Wycked sports car is one of the best ones out there. It is so good that the ride barely leaves the front of Carl's house and if there's a scratch, the Aqua Teens are the first to get blamed.


Which of these shows featured a racecar driver named Speed and his Mach 5?

If you ever wanted to see what "Speed Racer" looked like in a live action format, you should check out the 2008 film. Directed by Lilly and Lana Wachowski, "Speed Racer" is sleek and elegant with a little twist of fun.


Before K.I.T.T. and "Knight Rider," there was this 1970s cartoon that had a talking dune buggy. Which show are we thinking of?

What do Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Tweety Bird, and Speed Buggy have in common? Both Bugs and Speedy were voiced by Mel Blanc, one of the most iconic voices in animation history. Even though he passed away in the early 1990s, it is estimated that 20 million people still hear his voice daily.


What show has a superspy named after his mother driving around in a Dodge Charger?

If you are ever wondering why the cars on "Archer" look so amazing, wonder no more! If the car is an important part of the plot (like Sterling Archer's Charger), the animators will purchase a 3-D model of the car online and tweak it to meet their needs.


If you were a horror fan you'd be sure to recognize Winston servicing the ECTO-1 in this cartoon series. What show are we thinking about?

When you were a kid in the 1980s, you had to be very careful when choosing what ghost busting cartoon to watch. "The Real Ghostbusters" took place right after "Ghostbusters" was released with already known characters and "The Original Ghostbusters" had a ghost hunting crew with a gorilla.


Taking place in the Netherworld, a smartcar named Doomie would transport Lydia from place to place. What show is it?

When you put a spirit like Beetlejuice in charge of creating a car, it shouldn't come as a surprise that you'd end up with something like Doomie. This car had a sassy attitude and his hobbies included chasing neighborhood dogs.


What cartoon band had a car named the Rockin' Roadster?

When it came to costume changes, Jem and her Holograms weren't like the typical cartoon. Every episode had the girls in unique styles and clothing which when you think about it makes it really easy to market the doll to little girls.


This parody of "Batman" had a caped crusading duck saving St. Canard from all sorts of baddies while riding a motorcycle. What show is it?

Just like Batman, Darkwing Duck had an array of costumed villains to fight. While many of them were fairly easy to defeat, Negaduck, was the whole package. He was just the right amount of crazy and smart to do insane amounts of damage.


What cartoon featured a legion of terrorist fighting vehicles disguised as passenger vehicles?

Where do you hide a parking lot full of cars that could transform into terrorist fighting machines? In the desert, naturally. During the show's opening credits, it is revealed that a gas station hidden in the desert is actually the headquarters for M.A.S.K.


Which cartoon had a girl named Penny, a dog name Brain, and a gadgetmobile?

When it was announced that a live-action Inspector Gadget film was being made in the late 1990s, many of the children of the 1980s were thrilled. However, once the film was released, its performance was lackluster, earning only 21% on Rotten Tomatoes.


Also made into a film series, this cartoon had characters named Bumblebee and Optimus Prime. What cartoon are we thinking of?

For many kids of the '80s, the animated "Transformers" film was one of the most depressing releases of the decade. Instead of all of the heroes making it through the fight, it was Optimus Prime's self sacrifice that helped them defeat the villainous Decepticons.


What cartoon featured robots named Bolt, Beemer, and Bugbite?

Even though many consider "Challenge of the GoBots" a subpar version of "Transformers," the show did one thing that "Tranformers" did not. It incorporated female robots into the series as recurring characters.


Geared toward a toddler audience, this cartoon features adorable service pups in training. What show is it?

This adorable cartoon features a boy named Ryder and his friends who all have names that have something to do with their future profession. A few of the pup's names are Chase, a K-9 dog in training, Rubble, a dog who works in construction, and Marshall, a firefighter.


Which of these Batman cartoons was released in the 1990s and featured the Batmobile?

Have you ever wondered how the animators got the setting of "Batman: The Animated Series" to be so dark? Wonder no more! Instead of using regular cartoon backgrounds, each scene's background was painted on black paper.


What cartoon has a cartoon train engine named Emily?

Even though a majority of the characters in "Thomas & Friends" are train engines, there are a few who contribute to the train yard instead of riding the rails. Some of these characters include Cranky the crane, Captain the tugboat, and Sailor John.


This cartoon of the '70s took place on a raceway, where Dick Dastardly and Muttley raced a cast of colorful characters in the Mean Machine. What cartoon is it?

When it came to Wacky Races, Dick Dastardly and Muttley were known for sabotaging other competitor's cars, some of which included Professor Pat Pending in his Convert-a-Car, The Gruesome Twosome in their Creepy Coupe, and Peter Perfect in his Turbo Terrific.


What cartoon featured a brightly colored ape and his canine companion?

When it came to carting a massive purple ape around town, Beegle Beagle relied on a yellow van. It's a wonder that the 40-foot ape's weight didn't cause the vehicle to collapse, killing the dog inside.


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