Can You Identify What Type of Car This Is?

By Robin Tyler on July 13, 2018

About This Quiz

Since the invention of the first motor car, man has fiddled, chopped, changed and drawn up new designs for vehicles time and time again. 

Early cars were nothing more than horseless carriages that moved. Soon, new innovations were added, like the windshield, four-door layouts and such. But then, as cars became more powerful and reliable, they were quickly turned into racers that could travel at high speed.

Different configurations also started to pop up. For instance, two-door open top motor cars could be considered the first convertibles. The desire to transport heavy objects inspired the birth of trucks. Buses and the like were designed to transport more and more people. 

Even the Model T has a pickup version!

So in this quiz, it's not your knowledge about many specific cars and their history, it's about your ability to determine which vehicle category each car fits into. And there is a range of different vehicles, covering around 14 categories, so this will test you to your limit.

But don't worry. Although this quiz is a little different, you will soon be into the swing of things. We know that your knowledge of vehicles and their different types will see you ace this quiz!

Good luck!

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