Can You Identify These Trucks from the '70s?

By Monica Lee on June 27, 2018

About This Quiz

Trucks can travel to places that cars only dream about. And those destinations, as well as the look and styling of '70s trucks, excited the senses back them. That feeling was kicked up a notch when the government standards imposed on cars didn't apply to trucks. To spark your memory, in the 1970s, the government instituted safety, emissions, and fuel-economy standards for automakers. However, many of the government standards either didn't apply to trucks or weren't as strict, (or as M.C. Hammer would say, "you can't touch this") so trucks ruled the road. For that reason and others, car enthusiasts in the 1970s turned to trucks, and some never came back. 

The West Coast crowd was particularly inspired by the small, compact trucks that offered good gas mileage and went anywhere in style. During the gas crisis of 1973, many Americans were lucky to be cruising the streets in Datsun 521s and getting better gas mileage than a '69 Camaro. It's not surprising that starting as early as 1959, many Americans had started picking up small compact trucks to do daily chores and use as workhorses. 

Whether you were simply on trend during the '70s, a truck enthusiast or simply enjoy driving the best vehicles out there, you're sure to be able to identify these trucks. Find out now by taking a test drive with this quiz.

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