Can You Identify These Motorcycle Models From an Image?

By Robin Tyler on June 15, 2018

About This Quiz

Since the time of the "velocipedes," man has loved motorcycles. And no, we are not talking cavemen days with velocipede dinosaurs.

Velocipedes were the first steam-driven bicycles. The first motorcycles if you will.  And then, as the internal combustion engine was perfected and cars were invented, so to was the motorcycle. 

The term motorcycle was first coined in 1894 when two Germans by the name of Hildebrand and Hofmuller made their first model. They soon went into production, manufacturing a few hundred units. Over in England, the term was used by E.J. Pennington but his design never went beyond a prototype.

In America, the motorcycle soon became very popular thanks to those Indian Motorcycles (formed in 1901) and Harley-Davidson (formed in 1903)

Of course, many incredible bikes have come out of Europe (think BMW), Great Britain (Norton, BSA, Royal Enfield) and Japan (Suzuki, Honda, Yamaha and Kawasaki). 

As a bike aficionado, you probably have your favorites, but do you think that you will be able to identify a certain bike from just looking at an image? Believe us when we say, this is going to take all of your bike knowledge to ace.

Just take your time!

Good luck!


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