Can You Identify These Horse Bits?

By Kennita Leon on June 15, 2018

About This Quiz

Chances are you know this already, but just in case you don't, a horse bit is a type of accessory that is used in certain equestrian activities. It rests near the horse's mouth (the area where there are no teeth) and is meant to provide negative reinforcement to the horse. Made out of a variety of materials, a horse bit helps mold a horse's behavior; when the rider pulls on the reins, the bit adds pressure to the horse's mouth. When the reins are pulled softly, less pressure is added. 

While studies have shown that horses can become stressed and unpredictable when too much pressure is constantly added, soft, consistent pulling is acceptable. Horse bits have become very popular and just as necessary when dealing with horses. So, we want to know if you can recognize the different types that exist. 

Some horse bits, like the mullen mouth, are more comfortable for the animal, while others like the Doc Bristol are said to be severe. Some bits that encourage salivation are easy for the horse to carry, while others are frowned upon. Can you tell the difference between the comfy and the cruel ones? Can you identify these horse bits if we show you a picture?  

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