Can You Identify These Heavily Regulated Military Weapons?

By Mark Laufgraben on June 15, 2018

About This Quiz

FRAG OUT! No one fights enemies bigger than the US Military, and big armies demand big hardware. Big in every dimension- size, weight, velocity, explosive force; these weapons demand that the big guys drop what they're doing and pay attention. You have the right to bear arms in the United States, but these babies demand special authorization, as well they should: Not just anybody is safe handling an intercontinental ballistic missile in their backyard! 

There are certain key traits between many of these  tools of destruction- they tend to either pack explosive power or be capable of fully automatic fire. This category also contains many vehicles, which due to their size and speed could be potentially lethal in and of themselves if left in the wrong hands. The list also includes weapons that require a great deal of specialized training; you need a lot of particular knowledge to use these weapons, and they would only prove dangerous to the user without it. 

In well-trained, well-intentioned hands, these killers can help make the world a safer, more peaceful place. How many of them can you recognize? Get ready to go on a deadly journey of martial discovery. Make sure you arm up and are ready for action! 

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