Can You Identify These Cars from Jay Leno's Garage?

By Robin Tyler on June 15, 2018

About This Quiz

Jay Leno has loved cars his whole life and started his collection very early. 

In fact, the first car he ever bought still forms an important part of his extensive garage. He even used it when he picked his wife up for their first date, way back in 1972!

Since he retired from his late-night talk show gig, Leno has filmed a series called "Jay Leno's Garage." Here, he lets us into his own world, and his extensive car collection filled with a multitude of vehicles that others can just hope to own. In the series, Leno also drives vehicles from other collectors, some of which I am sure he wishes he could own one day. 

Did you know that Leno's collection has some of the rarest vehicles in the world? In fact, in one case, there are only two existing cars left of which Leno owns one. 

Some cars are ordinary, others are just bonkers including one with a tank engine. But you probably have a good idea of the cars in Leno's garage as well as the ones he has driven that belong to other collectors. 

Let's see if you can identify them from just an image!

Good luck. 

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