Can You Guess Where in the World These Beers Are From Based on a Photo of the Can?

By Robin Tyler on April 22, 2018

About This Quiz


Nothing quite quenches the thirst on a hot summer day like an ice-cold beer. As that amber liquid hits your mouth and rolls down your throat, it not only refreshes but helps to take the sting out of that fierce summer sun. 

And we are sure that you would agree that your favorite beer tastes even better when you are on an awesome vacation!

Beer has been around forever! In fact, historians have dated beer production back to over 5,000 years ago thanks to a jug found on an archeological dig in Iran. Over the centuries, beer has been produced all over the world, and to this day, many breweries in countries around the world continue the age-honored tradition of brewing.

And you would not believe where beer is made - Africa, Central Asia, the Far East, South America, North America, Europe. You name the continent and beer is made there, even in countries where alcohol is banned.

But would you be able to tell which country one of these world beers comes from by just looking at a can? Maybe you have had a few of them, but some are going to get you to use that gray matter!

Good Luck and cheers!

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