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Living the same day over and over might be fun watching in a movie, but you need to break the monotony of your life with this "Groundhog Day" quiz. How well do you remember the film? Find out with this quiz!

In which state does "Groundhog Day" take place?

When the film opens, we hear Phil Connors mentioning that he is going to Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania for Groundhog's Day.


Who stars as Phil Connors in "Groundhog Day"?

When the film opens, we see Bill Murray, who stars in "Groundhog Day" as Phil Connors.


Which day does Phil keep reliving?

When Phil Connors goes to Punxsutawney to cover the groundhog story, he finds the day keeps repeating on a loop.


What does Phil Connors do for a living?

As the movie opens, we see Phil Connors on TV working as a weatherman before he mentions that he's going to cover the story of Punxsutawney​ Phil to see if spring is coming early.


Who stars in "Groundhog Day" as Rita Hanson?

Andie MacDowell stars in the 1993 film, Groundhog Day, as Rita Hanson, Phil Connor's co-worker.


What time does Phil's alarm go off in the morning?

When Phil's alarm goes off in the morning, it is set to 6 a.m. It becomes apparent once we realize he is on a continuous loop.


What does Phil step in after talking to Ned?

When Phil runs into Ned Ryerson, he steps into a puddle when stepping off the sidewalk.


Which of these is one of Ned's nicknames from high school?

When Phil runs into Ned for the first time, Ned is trying to jog his memory about who he is. Ned mentions they use to call him 'Needlenose Ned' and 'Ned the Head.'


What is Phil's cameraman's name?

Larry is one of the people who works with Phil. He works as the cameraman and Rita works as the station's producer.


What kind of storm leaves Phil stranded in Punxsutawney?

When Phil Connors announces there's not a blizzard hitting Punxsutawney, it actually hits and keeps him stranded there.


What does Ned Ryerson work as?

When Phil runs into Ned Ryerson, a classmate who used to date his sister, he says he works in life insurance.


What is the name of the park where the Groundhog Day festivities take place?

When Phil keeps reliving the events of Groundhog Day, he is supposed to be covering the news story at Gobbler's Knob.


What song plays on the radio when Phil wakes up in the morning?

When Phil's alarm goes off every morning, "I've Got You Babe" is playing on the radio.


Where is Phil driving as he takes the police on a chase?

As Phil leaves a bar with two guys, he takes the police on a chase and drives along the railroad tracks.


What is the name of the woman with whom Phil claims to have gone to school?

When Phil sees an attractive woman at the diner, he learns her name and the high school she went attended. When he runs into her the next day, he pretends to know her as a way to woo her.


When Phil dresses up as a cowboy, what does he tell his companion to call him?

Phil attends Alpine Theater dressed up as a cowboy with a woman dressed as a maid. He tells her to call him Bronco.


What language does Phil learn in order to impress Rita?

When Phil keeps reliving his days with intentions of getting together with Rita, he learns French to impress her.


What does Rita like to toast to when she has a drink?

When Phil tries to buy Rita a drink at a bar, they toast with a drink. When Phil originally toasts to Groundhog Day, Rita tells him that she always toasts to world peace.


What did Rita study in college?

While at dinner with Rita, Phil learns she studied French poetry while in college. Although he initially insults the idea, he soon learns French to impress her.


What's Rita's favorite ice cream?

While Phil tries to​ impress Rita, he has a long list of the things she loves. When he brings her back to his room, he has Rocky Road ice cream waiting for her on his window sill.


What show is Phil watching where he knows all the answers?

Phil sits in the living room of his bed and breakfast and knows all the answers to Jeopardy.


Who does Phil kidnap?

When Phil is tired of reliving Groundhog's Day, he kidnaps the groundhog and leads the police on another chase.


What's the first method that Phil uses to kill himself?

When Phil is first ready to end his life, he kidnaps Punxsutawney Phil and drives them off a cliff. When the car crashes at the bottom, it blows up.


Which of these is not a method that Phil uses to kill himself?

When Phil is trying to kill himself, we see him electrocuting himself, jumping off of a building, and stepping in front of a truck. He then mentions to Rita a few other ways he's tried to kill himself.


What instrument does Phil learn to play while reliving Groundhog Day?

When Phil tries to take advantage of reliving the same day over and over again, he pays a woman $1,000 to teach him how to play the piano.


When Phil is trying to better himself, what language does he learn?

One morning when Phil wakes up, he greets a man and begins speaking Italian to him.


At what skill does Phil become a pro?

During Phil's endless days, he learns how to carve ice sculptures. He surprises both Larry and Rita with his talents.


Phil saves a child who falls out of what?

When Phil gives Rita a rain check for lunch, he tells her he has to run errands. His first errand is catching a boy who falls out of a tree.


Phil saves a man at a restaurant from choking. What was the man eating?

While Phil is running his errands, he walks into a restaurant and does the Heimlich maneuver on a man who is choking.


What event tickets does Phil give to the young newlyweds?

When Phil helps a young couple get married, he also gifts them with tickets for the wrestling event, Wrestlemania.


How much money does Rita bid on Phil?

When there is a live auction for the eligible men at a party, there is a bidding war over Phil. When the bid is stopped at $60, Rita bids $339 on Phil. Don't forget the .88 cents!


What is the sound that Ned often makes when talking to Phil?

When Ned and Phil keep running into each other, Ned says 'bing' many times throughout their conversation.


Which of these people does Phil NOT try to save in the film?

When Phil tries to turn his life around, he ends up trying to save a number of people. He saves a child from falling from a tree, Buster from choking, and he tries to save an old, homeless man from dying.


What song is playing on the radio when Phil wakes up on February 3?

When Phil wakes up on February 3, "I've Got You Babe" by Sonny and Cher is still playing on the radio. Although he thinks he's reliving February 2 again, we see Rita reach over and silence the alarm. He then realizes it's February 3!


Where does Phil want to live at the end of the movie?

When Phil wakes up on February 3, he notices that snow covers the street and that's it's FINALLY a new day. When he and Rita go outside, he says it's a beautiful place and they should move there.


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