Can You Ace This MLB Player Identification Quiz?

By Mark Laufgraben on June 27, 2018

About This Quiz

A modern baseball player is a perfect machine, unparalleled skill entwined with preternatural reflexes, working in tandem with his teammates in a seamless ballet of synchronicity. These heroes grace our ballparks and television screens with but one mission: to take home victory for the 10th man! 

But beyond their personal skills, baseball players need to be able to work within a team. They need to be constantly aware of the bigger picture, constantly ready to adjust their decision making on the fly in order to meet the evolving needs of the every changing battlefield that is the baseball diamond. They practice relentlessly to deal with dozens of potential scenarios so as to have a response ready for any possible situation. And the best don't just have it stored in their memory, they practice until their ability to act on these plans is automatic and without conscious thought.

How much do you know about these ballplayers? Do you know enough to recognize them on sight? See if your knowledge tracks with the best of the best and try to identify these players from a single picture. Don't worry, we'll toss some hints your way if things are looking a little cloudy out there. Take this quiz and get in it to win it! 

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