Can You Get an A+ On This 5th Grade Math Quiz?

By Olivia Seitz on June 14, 2018

About This Quiz

It's amazing how important things like Geography and Grammar were in fifth grade. Remember when you had to know the answers by heart?  But today, things are different with google maps, calculators and spell check. The knowledge you used to be proud to have, have lost their usefulness.  When was the last time your boss asked you to name the capitals of each state? How about to multiply 12 X 14 without a calculator? Thought so. In other words, it's not that ridiculous that a fifth grader might be able to blow you away by answering these questions better and faster than you. 

But you have your pride. No fifth grader is going to show you up. But before you take this to the playground, maybe you should take this quiz and see how you compare to a fifth grader. But be forewarned, you'll be asked questions where no calculator can be used -- that includes questions with percentiles and decimals. Plus, there are questions on mnemonics for remembering the correct order of arithmetic operations, and ordered pairs. Ready? Then get out your No. 2 pencil, put your books away and start on this 15-question quiz now. Or simply click on the correct answer. Either way, we'll give you a gold star for trying. 

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