Can We Guess Your Favorite Wine Based on Your Personality Type?

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Tell your favorite margarita and draft beer to move aside, because today we're letting the wonderful world of wines take the spotlight. There are many types of wines in this world to choose from, and some of the more popular ones include merlot, sauvignon blanc, shiraz and zinfandel. Wine is generally categorized as red or white, but rosé wines are also a popular choice.

When evaluating the flavor profile of wine, it's important to note several aspects, such as acidity, tannin, body and fruity notes. The region that a certain type of wine grows in also affects its overall taste. Wine is also said to have lots of personality, as some may be described as sweet, aggressive, intense or spicy. But how is this all determined? Well, a taste tester will typically rely on four steps, which include the following: look, smell, taste and think. They will typically observe the physical appearance of the wine, then smell the wine to observe any floral notes. Next, they taste the wine for its pronounced and subtle flavors. And finally, the taste tester will think about the flavors that they just smelled and tasted. This is all important to the personality of a glass of wine, and we're about to find out what yours is like with this winey quiz!

How "dry" would you say your humor is?

Would other people describe you as a sweet type of person?

Which of these unique wine notes matches your personality?

Do you think that your personality has many layers to it?

Are you the type of person who likes to try new things in life?

Has anyone ever told you that you're a "cheesy" person?

Which of these wine-producing regions would be suitable for you to retire in?

Your personality can be described as which of these types of flavor notes?

What % extroverted do you think your personality is?

Do you think that your life has a lot of structure to it?

Are you a little on the aggressive side when it comes to winning arguments with people?

Is your intellect more complex and open-minded compared to other people?

Would you describe your personality as more expressive or subtle in nature?

How skilled are you when it comes to the art of patience?

True or false: Your inner soul is wise and knowledgeable like an aged glass of wine.

Which of these personality elements lies within your inner soul?

Do you think that your outlook on life is more on the pessimistic or the optimistic side?

One of these wine-related floral notes matches your friendly personality, but which one is it?

Is it important to go above and beyond for other people in life?

On a scale of 1-10, how big is your imagination in life?

Would you describe your personality as warm and gentle or icy and tough?

Do other people think that you're a little bit mysterious?

Is it better to take life seriously or be a little more loosey-goosey about it?

How sensitive are you toward the feelings of other people?

Be honest here: Do you have a little bit of an ego to your personality?

Logical versus creative: Where does your intelligence lie?

Do you think that you're a little bit clumsy like Sandra Bullock from "Miss Congeniality?"

Do you think that drinking a glass of wine is a good way to unwind at the end of the day?

Are you materialistic about certain brands of food, wine, clothes and technology?

What type of weather do you become on your bad days?

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