Can We Guess Your Age Based on Your Halloween Candy Tastes?

Teresa M.

About This Quiz

Halloween has always been a popular holiday, but over the years it has grown! Based upon your choices in Halloween candy, we'll be able to guess your age! Don't believe us? Double dog dare you to try us!

What kind of smile would you paint on a Jackolantern?

Which Christmas treats do you like most?

Is Halloween your favorite holiday?

Which pumpkin shaped treat do you prefer?

What would you like to be for Halloween this year?

When are you too old to go trick or treating?

Which fall event are you most likely to attend?

Which '80s candy do you like most?

What do you think of people who give fruit as Halloween treats?

What is the oddest thing ever put in your trick or treat bag?

If you made Halloween cookies, what shape would they be?

How many pieces of candy do you give your trick or treaters?

Which chewy treat do you like most?

Choose the kind of Airheads you find most appealing?

Which Limited Edition Halloween treat are a must have?

Which Disney Halloween movie would you watch this year?

Which Halloween cocktail would you try?

Other than candy, what would you put in a treat bag?

What kind of savory treat do you like?

What would you add to a Halloween punch?

Which homemade Halloween treat would you try making?

What is your least favorite Halloween time treat?

What do you use for a treat container at your door?

Do you decorate for Halloween?

If you could cast a Halloween spell, what would it be?

Which word describes the kind of treat you love most?

What will you do for Halloween this year?

How do you feel about Ring Pops?

What kind of candy bar do you prefer?

Which horror movie do you find most frightening?

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